Friday, September 09, 2005

A Package?! For Moi??! From Where? Wow!

Yesterday when I arrived home (after saying hello to all those present), Cam told me a parcel had come for me. A parcel? For ME?? How COOL!

Sitting on the table in the dining room was a package wrapped in brown paper...and it came to me all...the...way...from...ENGLAND!!

I would show you a photo of how well it was wrapped, but without thinking I immediately launched myself upon it and 10 seconds later it was looking like this.

Sorry, but the adrenalin of the excitement got the better of me...and I started ripping it apart before thinking about how good it looked just as a parcel.

The below is the contents (sorry bad lighting always makes for bad out-of-focus pics in the household of Internet Lovers).

The pear drops are the first thing I opened. I had to really. I do believe it was a comment I made about never having heard of pear drops before that prompted this package on it's journey to Down pear drops had to come first. Very yummy!

Now...the Thorntons toffee was a different matter...through the packet, I could feel it was kinda one big 'lump' of toffee. Wow, Katya must have a big mouth to be dealing with this kind of sweet, I'm thinking. I turned the pack over and on the back it says "To enjoy this product at it's best, tap prior to opening". Oh, ok... that sounds like a plan. I have to say here...'tapping' is not the word I would use. To tap something is to poke sharply at it as far as I'm concerned. Tapping this toffee wouldn't have achieved much. So while Ryan sat beside me laughing his arse off, I smacked, pounded and slammed the bag against my computer desk until it felt like it had broken up into many pieces.

Yep, it worked a treat (get it? haha) and may I just say that smashing it down on the desk like that, was great for releasing the tension I had after my afternoon at work. A win/win situation. Ryan and I enjoyed a piece each, then I went down to Cam's room (vacated by the buffoons now...God knows I aint gonna be sharing MY sweeties with was a push to let my children partake). "Would you like to try a piece of this?"..."What is it?"...."It's toffee...Katya sent it to us all...the...way...from...England!"..."Yeah? Awesome".

Before I gave him a piece I had to tell him about all the bashing and thumping we'd done to break it up. During this, his eyes were darting between me, the toffee bag, and his computer screen. I was almost impressed he didn't go crosseyed with all the optical activity. I put the bag under his nose...which resulted in his eyes then darting between the screen and the contents of the bag. The sweet smell of the toffee won. He paused the game. I snatched the bag away. "I'll choose a piece for you, just in case you had any wild idea about getting a really big piece".

Ryan had followed me (ok, we ALL know he was following the toffee bag) into Cam's room...."She's the lady that sent the postcard from Alaska right?"..."Good memory Ryan, yes that's Katya"..."Cool, that means I just earned another piece of toffee right?"

The dairy milk chocolate remains the moment. Never seen the shortcake biscuit variety over here, but we're looking forward to getting into it. The picture frame is lovely, and actually matches the linen on my bed...thus I am going to find an appropriate pic to put in it and place it on my bedroom drawers. The pen I got has Winnie the Pooh on it...I just KNOW that Katya sent this one in particular to me, because she's aware of my love for Canadians lol.

One thing I did notice before I ripped the paper from this wonderful gift, was the amount of postage. It cost over 10 pounds to get to me. Postage sucks doesn't it? First time I sent a parcel to Walker, it's cost me over $ time I actually sent him anything it cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars...but then, I was sending myself, and postage is based on weight afterall, so stands to reason.

This morning the kids come into the lounge in various stages of dressage. Ryan looked at the toffee bag pointedly..."That toffee sure is nice eh Mum?" *big grin*...."Have either of you had any breakfast yet?". They rush off to the kitchen and come back, Ryan sucking on a tetrapak of breakfast 'shake'...Cam munching on a piece of bread. Cameron between chews, eyeing up the toffee bag..."Yeah, that toffee sure is good".

Katya, thank you ever so much for this lovely gift of goodies. I was absolutely thrilled to receive it. I know you don't have any children of your own...but I do believe that you've just inherited two surrogate sons from New Zealand. Let me know when you're'd be my pleasure to cough up the postage and send them over. Don't fret about what to feed seems they'll live on toffee alone.

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