Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Please leave a message after the beep"

I won't be around much at all this weekend, if at all. I have to word it that way, cos if I tell you I'm not going to be here at all, and then suddenly turn up without warning, you'll all brand me a liar. Not a good look.

My Dad's in town, which means he's come over from the South Island to the North Island, and staying up the coast with my older sister. My oldest sister and her husband bought an apple orchard a couple of years ago. My Dad, now retired and living with Mum in the apple orchard metropolis of kiwiland, has come north to impart some of his apple wisdom. This can be translated his 72 year old body tirelessly for the love of the great apple god...and...get's in the way constantly.

My Dad is a full-blooded pacific islander. He comes to us from Niue (yeah I know, I'd never heard of it before I was born either)'s one of the tiniest islands in the pacific. It's claim to fame being that it's the largest attol in the Pacific. In fact, on this side of the globe, it's known as the "Rock of Polynesia" (told ya I was from tough stock didn't I?).

Dad's been in New Zealand for over 50 years now, but he still has the accent of his homeland. My sisters and I have teased him mercilessly over the years. He's so very gullible, and hot damn that's fun to play with!

I will elaborate on this at some stage and post a pic of this white-haired love in my life, but for now, the boys and I must away and join him up north for the weekend. We must make sure we have our time with him while he's up the very least so we can poke fun at the old man.

I will return on Sunday evening. I'll likely be smelling of apples and have a sore back from sleeping on the floor with the kids...but I'll be content and happy to have been squeezed tight and seen the smile of unconditional love that we bestow upon our children. Only this time...I'll be on the receiving end.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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