Thursday, September 15, 2005

Post Traumatic Syndrome

Thanks to all those that commented on yesterday's post. I appreciated each and every one of your comments. Really I did. It's always interesting to view other's perspectives on what I write and the subjects I write about it. I won't finish off replying individually to the rest of your comments if you don't mind, I'm afraid I'm feeling in a rather grumpy mood tonight.

It seems that I have offended some people with my post yesterday.

This was certainly not my intention. I have no excuse for the 'tone' that I wrote it in. I was short of time and I didn't read back over it to check if there was a possibility that anyone would take offense to it. When I choose to write about the more serious issues in life, I tend to read those posts over and over again, look at them from as many angles as I can, and then if I'm comfortable with them I hit publish.

Yesterday however, I wrote that post with one eye on the clock almost the entire time, and I hit publish. It didn't 'feel' right but I had little time to play with it. I basically published and ran.

Right this moment, my mood is leaning more towards the "pissed off" side than the "I understand what you're saying" side. I'm feeling irritable that I could be misunderstood to such an extent. Yet it's my own fault because I chose to publish it without 'softening' the aggression I finished off the post with.

Yes, I get fed up with SOME men and their attitudes towards women's personal problems.
Yes, I mentally roll my eyes when SOME men can't even handle hearing words such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and uterus. Do these same men continue to be uncomfortable about hearing the words liver, kidneys or lungs?
I don't have a problem with the words scrotum, testicles, penis or prostate. They're part of the male anatomy and I LOVE the male anatomy, so why would I feel uncomfortable upon hearing those words?

I was not minimising the health dangers that the male body can face. I was merely concentrating on the one issue of the cervical smear and what women deal with. I won't pretend that I know exactly what takes place during a prostate check. I'm not keen to have one to find out. Men can't possibly know what it's like for women to have a cervical smear...they don't have a vagina, so how can they be expected to know?

What I do know is that cancer is cancer. It can and will be deadly no matter what part of the body it rears it's ugly head in...and more specifically, for the benefit of those that read the post below....regardless of gender. Neither sex has a super duper cancer shield to stop their bodies from the possibility of it striking.

Ok, I may have been too harsh with my second to last paragraph. For that I will apologise. I'm sorry if that struck a chord and sounded like I had no knowledge or sympathy for men and what they endure. I'm sure it can't be easy to have some of the examinations you also have to deal with.

I will not however, apologise for bringing this subject to a forum where others can be educated or reminded of what needs to be done. I try my best to accomplish this as lightheartedly as possible, with a few laughs/smiles thrown in. I will confess I am known to walk around to the deep end of the pool and fling myself in at times. I do this without thought as to whether I'm going to swim across to the other side, or sink rapidly to the bottom. I am known to say my piece regardless of who is listening and whether I think they may agree or not.

At this point of time I'm upset and pissed off that I feel it necessary to explain myself. This is my page, I'll say what I like. No, I don't want to upset anyone, and I certainly don't like offending anyone. I'm not stupid enough to think that we all feel the same way about everything. I welcome all my commenters regardless. I respect your thoughts and feelings.

This post is now filled with some of mine....and any future posts I write, will continue to be that way.

Yeah I know, I'm sounding all sensitive and beat up...but make no mistake, I'll get over myself before the night is over.

Now, give's a hug, then we can kiss and make up *mwah*
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