Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Question and Answer Time

This is an update on things you may have been wondering about. I just know that you spend most of your day thinking about me and my life, so it's bound to have crossed your minds.

1. Whatever happened to the young guy at work that you were bitching about the other week?

After the first balls-up of him arriving so late that first Monday (after I returned to work, he'd already been working there a couple of weeks), I spent the next few days bossing him around. I told him I didn't know what he knew or what he didn't know, so if he could please put up with me telling him what to do, I'll eventually find out. I also told him to feel free to boss me back and to tell me if he knew that already.

He wanted to apply for the job, so over the course of that week I talked with him about the necessity of being on time for each shift...I helped him with the various procedures around our office...and I explained so many protocols about the why's and wherefores of just about everything I could think of. Whenever he asked, I explained and assisted til I was blue in the face....and I did it in the nicest way possible. I had to repeatedly tell him to stop poking his fingers and pens at the plasma monitors...and I explained why he shouldn't do it. At one point I told him I was going to have to smack his hands if he continued to do it. I used a joking tone of voice, but I was willing to smack them for sure. By the end of that first week with him, I was ready to smack him in the head, let alone just his hands.

By the end of the next week I told the Practise Manager I had got to the stage where I was going to refuse to work with him. He never listened...he did nothing other than answer the phone and greet people...he sat there texting god knows who on his cellphone...or going out on breaks at the worse possible times. He told me he didn't smoke, but each time he came back from a break he reeked of cigarette smoke. He also said he was 25, but slipped later on and mentioned something about him being 20. I was way passed trusting him to do anything.

The practice manager by then was ready to pull her hair out about him....when I went to see her that day....her response was "Well, he's just going to have to go then....I'll do it today". And she did. So for the time being, the rest of us are covering the shifts he vacated, and we're happy to do it because we'd all had enough.

2. Did you ever send out the postcards on the deadline Friday?

No...due to a stinky headcold, I spent most of that Friday in bed. The postcards were eventually sent out on the Tuesday (6th Sept). Mr Haney received his on the 10th, which I mentioned yesterday, so I guess that means the rest of you will be getting yours shortly if you haven't received it already. (Schotzy, Kathryn, Gabby, Maria T, Don, Monica and June)

3. Where's this picture of your Dad you said you were going to post?

As an extra bonus, I've given you one with my sister in it too. Don't tell her though, she may want to hunt me down and hurt me. Unfortunately, she knows where I live.

These are taken in the orchard...I'm not sure whether my Dad is waving 'hello' at me, or whether he's waving 'get away!'...but I had to take this particular pic to show you all how hard he was working.

4. Why don't you visit Denny's site very often, if at all these days?

Because each time I go in there now, for some unknown reason, the music jams, my Internet Explorer crashes, and everything has to be shut down so I can get back on again. Sorry Denny, I don't know if it has anything to do with your site or my PC, but I've purged my IE temporary files etc, defragged til the cows come home and it's still doing it. My PC's not that old, and it's got plenty of grunt to it, so I've no idea why it's happening.

5. What about the alcohol and teens thing? Did you come to a conclusion as to what to do about it?

Yes, I think so. From the wonderful feedback I was given, I deduced it was best to allow them to have the occasional drink on special occasions to help them learn about alcohol and how to drink responsibly and rationally. This last weekend, while up at my sister's place I allowed them both to have one bottle of Peach Archers. The stuff's like lolly water. In theory it seemed good to give it to them....the reality of seeing them with the bottle at their lips was another thing altogether. I didn't feel comfortable about seeing it happen...but that's not to say I'd rather they did it where I couldn't see them. I'll get used to it eventually...but for now, it's only going to be the exception rather than the rule.

6. Do you have anything left from the parcel that Katya sent you?

Toffee - hell no
chocolate - about 4 pieces
pear drops - half a pack cos I'd hidden them
picture frame - in place on the bedroom drawers
pen - right beside me.


Right, I think that's a long enough post for now. If you've any questions you want to ask me, go for it. I'll decide whether or not I want to answer them, once I've seen what you want to know lol

Now I'm going to take advantage of the time I've got and come round and read those I've missed in the past few days.
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