Thursday, September 08, 2005

Talking Alcohol, Take 2

I never thought too much about the response I was going to get to yesterday's post while I was writing it. Yet, I'm not surprised by the responses either. Thank you all so very much for offering your opinions and sharing your own stories with me. I appreciated each and every comment you made. A special thanks to Gabby, who wrote her post yesterday for me. Thank you also Gabby for 'trackback'ing me. First time I've ever had a number next to the trackback option...a small thrill for me, but a good one nonetheless lol.

Several years ago I was invited to my friends' son's 16th birthday party. She had decided she would serve some alcohol and rang around the parents of the kids that were invited to ask if they were opposed to her doing this. From what I can gather the majority had given their consent...the few that weren't happy about it kept their kids away for the evening.

The party was well planned, and there were about 2 adults for every teenager there. I know it sounds like it was more of a party for the parents than the kids, but we were kept busy trying to keep things under control. There was more than enough food, yet I don't think the kids were eating much at all, if anything. As well organised as it was, there was obviously too much alcohol present.

Half way through the night, we had teens spewing their guts up in the garden; teens tripping over other teens that were passed out on the dance floor; girls sobbing miserably over this boy or that boy and a variety of dramas unfolding before our eyes. One young man actually opened the french doors with his body as he fell through them, and lay there half in, half out....face down on the patio...vomitting in his own hair before I had the chance to bend down and hold it back. What came out of his mouth was completely devoid of food matter, it was all alcohol.

How this happened is beyond me. We all knew we'd have to keep an eye on these kids, yet somewhere between handing out (uneaten) food and tidying up messes before they got too large, these kids had managed to achieve the very state we were trying to avoid. It made me feel that we needed several pairs of eyes to be certain we saw everything, but let's face it, they're sneaky devils...if they want it to happen, they'll sure as hell find a way to make it happen.

As your comments came rolling in yesterday, my head was expanding with all the information you imparted. Later on a couple of Cameron's mates came over, and much to his despair, I asked them what the deal was with their parents and alcohol...more precisely, how their parents felt about them drinking alcohol. Did they get the occasional drink on special occasions, or were they able to drink whenever they felt like it? Did they think it was cool to drink? Did they know if any of their peers were drinking on a regular basis or even getting drunk?

Yeah I know what you're thinking "No wonder Cameron was embarrassed"...right? I didn't want to shame him in front of his mates but hell, they all think I'm loopy anyway, so I figure he'd just explain it away like that...again. *sigh*

Once his friends left, I went down to his bedroom to apologise...despite the laughter that was happening during my chat with his mates, I had seen a scowl and a frown here and there from him. I opened his bedroom door to be halted by the 'look' know?...the 'look' that I've perfected's not so nice being on the receiving end I can tell you.

Me: "I'm sorry's a subject that's been on my mind for a while, and you are getting to that age now you know."
Cam: "Yes, but I'm a responsible person Mum....and my friends are responsible people."
Me: "Yes and I trust that you will make the right decisions when it comes to this because you ARE responsible. But please understand, that as your mother, I am going to worry about it, and I needed to approach this subject with you at some stage...."
Cam: "Yes of course, but...."
Me: "I can't just ASSUME you know what to do in every given situation Cameron. It's important that I hear your views out's reassuring for me to know you and I are on the same page."
Cam: "Yes ok, I understand that. But I don't agree with you bringing my friends into it. What happens in their households doesn't mean that we should craft how we do things in our house. Every family is different and they have different perspectives..."
Me: "Yes, I agree..."
Cam: "What works for them doesn't necessarily mean it will work for us. Trust me on this Mum. If I want any alcohol, I'll let you know."
Me: "Ok, I'm glad to hear you say that. I'm sorry hun, I won't do it again."
Cam: "No problem but you better not." *glare*

This afternoon I came home from work to find 5 buffoonish teenage boys crammed into his bedroom. I instantly feared for the contents of my pantry....was there anything left in it?! (Yeah, I was hungry when I came home today.) Once I'd said hello to the boys, I went to my room to change out of my work clothes, and knocked on his door again.

Cam: "Come" (oh whatever *snort*)
Me: "Soooo....about this alcohol issue then..."
Cam: "Hey!"

I closed the door and walked away laughing....ha! he makes it so easy...soooo easy.
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