Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Domino Affect: Part Two

*Ring, Ring*

"Where are you?"
"At the police station"
"Oh...right...Are you ok?"
"Yes, just feeling very foolish...Can you please ring this lawyer" (reads out the name and phone number of a lawyer from a list the cops had given him.)

Ex-hubby secured the vehicle and left the scene (yes I know you already know that). He walked up the street toward home.

In the back of the car, behind the driver's seat was a six pack of beer. It'd been there for several weeks already, and he chose to use this night to take advantage of it. He took a couple of cans, made sure others saw, and wandered up the road toward home drinking. See, he figured, once he got home, if the cops came pounding on the door, he could then answer it with the can in his hand thus proving he had alcohol in his blood...which was supposed to throw their accusations of drunk-driving out the window. Pfft.

During that short walk, he changed his mind, and came back down the opposite side of the road, went up a side street that overlooked the top of the Gorge and it's traffic lights. In other words, he was now further up the hill, looking down on proceedings. The hill had native bush growing all over the side of it. (I have no idea if you're still with me now, but I'll keep going anyway.)

He sat down, amongst the bushes, drinking his can and watching what was going on with the cars, waiting for the cops to turn up and take statements etc.

BUT...he obviously wasn't expecting the unexpected. (Of course he wasn't, how can you, right?)

Not too long beforehand the police dog wagon had been called out to a suburb about 15 minutes away. Due to his absence from the scene, not to mention his absence from had been asked to stop off at the Gorge, on it's way back into town.

So...while my ex-husband was sitting (hiding) in the bushes, minding his own business (well he was, wasn't he?), quietly drinking his beer....he got one hell of a shock when he was jumped from behind by a police dog. His shirt was ripped (again), his arm was bruised and that was the end of that. *clink*

He spent the night in a jail cell, went to court the following morning, and was told by the Judge that calling in the dog was above and beyond necessary. He was also told he could bring charges up against the police if he so desired because of it. He chose not to. By telling the Judge that he was taking evasive action, he actually got off the charge of dangerous driving. The young guys that he was racing up the hill that night, had continued on through the traffic lights without incident, so they were gone, never to be seen again.

He lost his license for 12 months, had to pay a large fine....and the repair costs of three cars was in excess of $15,000. This all happened 2 days before Christmas and I was pissed in a way that had nothing to do with alcohol. Probably something akin to how the lawyer felt when I rang him after midnight.

Within 10 months, I had to ring that same lawyer, at almost exactly the same time of night for a similar incident.

The interesting thing is, after all these years, my ex-husband still occasionally asks why our marriage ended. Perhaps you could give him some idea via my comments! lol
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