Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Domino Affect

Due to the fact that I'm at a loss as to a blog subject today, I shall pick on my ex-husband again and write about him. One of the good things about ex's are they're great blogger material, and they're no longer here to defend themselves. Yes!

My ex-husband is a good man...he's become a good father and Dad to his sons, and he's an extremely intelligent man...but....he can do some god awful dumb things...dangerous and stupid things. The kind that made me want to lodge a meat cleaver in his brain for having such dumbass moments.

As some of you may be aware, my ex drank and drove on a regular basis. It didn't matter how much I offered to pick him up or if I suggested he should perhaps stay the night at his mate's instead, he always made his way home. Ok, let's face facts about staying the night at the mate's thing...I certainly would've preferred he stayed away after a night out drinking up large, he wouldn't have to drive home and I could greet him the following day when he was sober and smelling more desirable.

One such night he was in town with a good friend who was only in the city for the evening. This friend was THAT friend...you know what I mean? He was the one that I always inwardly cringed about my husband going out with. Each and every single time he went out with this chap, he'd come home in a shocking state of affairs. Together they had a history of drunken stupors, black eyes, ripped shirts, broken noses and oh yeah, there was the time when they both came back, bombed out of their minds, hubby crashed in bed, stinking and snoring loudly beside me....his mate, crashed promptly on the sofa and woke up the next morning to find he'd peed in his sleep. On my fucking sofa!

I digress. After a night out on the town with his mate....he actually made the decision to leave his mate to it and come home earlier than normal (about 11pm). Driving of course. Accelerating up the 3 lane Gorge, a car of youngsters pulled alongside him...the 'look' passed between drivers and the challenge was on. He put the pedal to the floor and raced up the steep hill. Now, at the top of the hill at the time, there were traffic lights. My husband come over the curve of the rise, the younger man was slightly in front and chose this time to make his move by pulling his car over to get in front of my husband's car. Hubby realising that this manouevre was not going to work, pulled to the side to avoid a collision.....the traffic lights coming fast.

Ah, but the lights were green, what luck!

Oh, but there were a couple of cars (one in front of the other) going through the lights in front of the two racing vehicles.

But the lights are green.....so the cars must be moving.


The lights had only just turned green in the split second that he'd looked at them....the two cars were actually stationary...both of them had yet to even press their accelerators to move.

Uh oh.

There was a loud, long, squeal of brakes.



*knock, knock, knock*

It was midnight, I was in my dressing gown, and I opened the door to find two police officers standing before me.
My heart dropped to my feet. I braced myself and waited.

Police: "Sorry to disturb you Madam. Does Mr Blah live here?"
Me: "Yes, he's my husband. He's not home right now though."
Police: "There's been a motor vehicle accident at the top of the Gorge."
Me: *the colour drained from my face* "Uh..."
Police: "Unfortunately, he left the scene of the accident. If you should see him soon, could you please ask him to get in touch?" *hands me card*
Me: *breathing again.* "Yes, of course."

They turned to leave.

Me: "Uh...could you please tell me what happened?"
Police: "The car he was driving went into the back of a vehicle waiting at the lights, which in turn went into the one in front of that."
Me: "Was anyone hurt?"
Police: "Amazingly enough, no. He secured his vehicle by pushing it onto the centre of a traffic island, and left the scene."
Me: "Oh....well, thank you officers....I'll be sure to pass your card on and see he gets in touch."
Police: "Your husband gave his contact details to the other drivers....they both said they thought they smelled alcohol on his breath."
Me: "I see."

The relief of him being unharmed brought the colour back to my previously pasty complexion.

I remember walking down the hallway to the bedrooms. For a long time I stood there, gazing at my sleeping children. They were 3 and 4 years old at the time.

Then the anger started and REALLY made the colour come back.

He never came home that night.

Where do you think he was?
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