Monday, October 31, 2005

My Bloody Weekend

Don't know if anyone noticed, but I managed to get around a fair bit this weekend (not like that). Over the course of the weekend, I read and tried to catch up on each and everyone on my bogroll...and some that are not on my blogroll too. I must recitify that. I have a list on my IE Favourites that I try to visit regularly too, and then I forget to update my template so the rest of you can drop by if you want to.

Besides all the reading, I also did a fair amount of swearing.

I swore as I cooked my french toast on Saturday morning - "Bloody Hell!!"...cos I burnt my little finger on the side of the frying pan (you'd think I'd know how to use kitchen utensils at my age).

I swore after I hung out the washing, and then the rain came down (of course it did, it always does when I bother to hang it outside as opposed to be lazy and throwing it through the dryer.) "Bloody bastard weather!"

I swore when I received a PXT message from my brother....a photo of my new niece, Lyla. "Shit, it's so bloody small!" and "Aaww, she's bloody GORGEOUS!!" I attempted to email myself from my phone..."What's taking it so bloody long to arrive in my bloody inbox??!"

I swore as I attempted to remove the cat spew out of the carpet in the hallway. When you've got cream carpet and the cat's stomach has decided to reject it's orange cat biscuited contents...well..."Houston, we have a bloody problem!"

Let me switch subjects here....(thought I'd try to back pedal for those that could be eating brekky while reading about cat spew)...let's talk briefly about site meters/stat counters etc.

I have 3 attached to my site in various places and for various reasons. One shows me the IP numbers of the last 20 visitors and also lets me see where's they've actually been through my blog. This allows me to see when any one particular IP address is trudging through my archives. I find it quite fascinating that anyone would want to read so much about my blatherings, but there you go. If you've done it, I've seen you...Big Brother is Watching You.

So...maybe some of you saw me snooping around on your site meters? I totally enjoyed my journey through your sites this weekend (there's just no way in hell I can get to you all every day). This resulted in more swearing. I realised how much I missed reading you all on a more regular basis.

My blogroll is bloody fantastic, if I do say so myself. You lot are bloody fabulous writers. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you and tried to make a point of commenting on as many posts as I could. I spent more than 10 bloody hours reading over the course of two days.

I think you're all bloody marvelous, that's what you are..."BLOODY MARVELOUS!"
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