Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sexually Regrouping

Last night before I ran off for dinner I spoke to Walker on the headset and suggested that depending on what plans he had for the following afternoon, perhaps he would like to ring and wake me up *wink*. "Keep in mind what time I'm waking up these days though ok?"..."Yeah, I know 6.30"..."Cool...better dash...hope to get to talk to you first thing in my morning".

Let's face it, after the post I wrote yesterday, I needed some tension relief. I needed to shake myself off and get rid of that "OMG, GIVE ME THE VALIUM!" mood, and what better way to do that, but with a good hot steamy love session with a few explosive orgasms at the end of it??. Worked for me.

6.30 - No phone call.

6.45 - I pick up the phone and listen, to check that it's still working.

7.00 - I'm thinking. Hm, he's forgotten about the daylight saving thing, so I should expect the call in about 30 minutes from now.

7.30 - I've gotten outta of bed, been for a pee...had a drink...checked the dehumidifer in Ryan's room....climbed back into bed...picked up Kathy Reichs and carried on where I'd left off from last night.

7.40 - Ok...something's obviously happened. He's not feeling well and his neck has been giving him shit the last couple of days. Maybe he's crossed the road and not been able to turn his head properly...and BAM!...a bus got him! OH..MY...GOD!! My baby is lying on a street in Ottawa somewhere and I can't be there to help him!

I was SO traumatised by this thought....that I picked up my book again and continued on reading.

7.50: *ring ring*

Hi Baby, I just got in...I've had a busy morning.
Hi Darling...thought something must've been holding you up.
Are you still in bed?
Yep, although I'll admit, I've been up already and came back.
So? Are you naked?
Well, no..I..
What do you mean, you're NOT naked?!
Well, it was cold last night...and besides I've already been outta bed...I wasn't walking around the house naked at this time of the morning...bleech
When I get there you'll be walking around naked all the time...I'm going to be hiding your clothes.
*snort* I'm sure my children will appreciate that.


Ouch, what is that?

*BRRRGGGHHH...I think battery's...ZAP!*...going.

I'M HANGING UP NOW! (trying to yell over the racket)

*ring ring*

(singing) Hello?? Is it me you're looking for? (I did that just for you Fred *grin*)
Yes, I've been looking for you all my life sweet
I've one less phone now though...I just smashed the one I was holding earlier

Anyway....the conversation went off and was mentioned...then moved away from for whatever reason....then talked about...then disappeared again...eventually...

I wish I was there right now
I wish you were too....I'm hungry now and could do with a yummy breakfast being cooked for me
That's not what I meant...and I'm hungry too
How can you be? You've just been to Archie's...he's always shoving food at you.
That's not what I meant either *sigh*
Oh right, sorry
When I get to the airport, will you get into the backseat of the car with me?
Yes, because I want to be able to press my body against you and kiss you properly without a gear lever being in the way.
My hands are going to end up on your tits if we're in the back seat you know?
Well, yeah...I don't have a problem with that.
What if someone sees us?
(lost in thought) I want to feel your hand rubbing my crotch while you're kissing me
It's a fairly open carpark, anyone walking past could see us
Come on with me now
oh, right...I think I'm getting restless waiting for any kind of build up....I want to feel you inside me...I've no patience whatsoever today
Mmm...I love sliding inside your wet pussy
Do you think I've been particularly impatient lately?
Well, yes and've had a lot on your mind recently
I can't wait to get my hands on you again....unzip your jeans and slide my hand inside to feel how hard you are...mmmm
You've been dealing with difficult things at work and now your younger sister's decided to go back to her cheating bastard's no wonder you're feeling stressed
*sigh* Yes....Do you want to fuck me or not??
Ok, I think we need to regroup
Yes...good idea...let's regroup.

This had to be one of the most stop/start sexual conversations we've EVER had....we kept getting distracted...ok, I kept getting off track and distracting us. Usually, the sexual conversation starts and nothing gets in the way....we're ready...we're primed....we're horny as hell and steaming to partake.

The next 20 minutes was spent with both of us focused and completely back on say that I was vibrating in the best possible way, and hung up the phone totally satisfied, would be like saying that fudge has a smidgeon of sugar in it.

Valium? What valium? Regrouping ROCKS!


Have a great weekend all, I hope to check in on your when I get back.
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