Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stink by any other name...

I've just spent the good part of half an hour in the supermarket trying to find Cameron's preferred deodorant spray. I stood in the personal hygiene aisle trying to sniff various mens the point that I think I've killed my sense of smell.

Why do manufacturers of items such as these, insist on changing their packaging so bloody often??! I stood there spraying tiny squirts into a few of the caps that I pulled off the shelf trying to find a match. A shopper cast me a sideway glance....I guess if every deodorant shopper did the same as I was doing, others would find empty cans left on the shelf. Deodorant is a necessary part of everyday life right? Not to mention it can be an expensive one. Keeping that in mind, there was no way I was going to walk away with something I thought Cam would never wear.

So, I guess my little squirting episode this morning could be seen as theft...if we weren't talking stink here, that 'squirting' word could give the illusion of a sexual post. I I not robbing half an armpit of being stink-free by doing this? I wonder if this is an offense. While I understand that body odour of the worse kind can be extremely offensive, I also believe it's an offense to have a body nearby that has survived a virtual tsunami of the stuff. We all know someone who's very closeness can almost asphyxiate us right? God forbid, we should get caught going up in the elevator with them.

Ah well, who knows? Could I get done for shoplifting for what I did this morning?

Arrest me Officer...make those handcuffs nice and snug.
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