Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Brace Yourself...It's Long and It's Boring...

It might be long and boring, but it needs to get out of my head so my brain doesn't explode. I sat down to write something interesting, and lo and behold if this didn't all pour out before I could stop it. I apologise in advance.


I've got loads messing around in my head at the moment, and trying to come up with a post about any one particular subject is going to be pointless today. So, this morning here in the Internet Lovers' household, we're opting to spew out all and sundry.

As some of you are aware, we have 3 desktop computers and one laptop in this house. This equates to a fair amount of traffic for a family of 3, and more than the allotted 5 gig plan that we're on. As the end of each month comes along, I'm well known for informing the occupants of my home. I start with..."Please keep your browsing and downloading to a minimum". They both agree.

During those last few days I continue to check our daily, sometimes hourly usage. This can result in me storming down to Cameron's room, flinging open the door and saying "What on earth were you doing on there *pointing at PC* between the hours of 4 and 5pm today??" As you can imagine....he gets just as fed up with hearing that, as much as I do saying it.

Anyway, this morning I rang my provider and asked about other plans. Fortunately for me, they have just revamped their prices and cable internet plans and for an extra $5.05 per month, we get an extra 5 gigs. I've ordered it obviously, I'd be mad not to. It all starts on Saturday (that's our monthly roll-over date).

Now, Cameron has been harping on at me about another ADSL one that will give us 30 gigs a month for about $40 extra, which he's prepared to pay for himself. The problem I have with this, is it's with another provider....there's copper wiring and new routers involved, and quite frankly, besides the fact that I don't want another technician in here wiring shit up around the place, I can't afford installation fees and new routers etc at this time of year. My take on the whole cable vs ADSL thing is pretty fuzzy, but from what I understand, ADSL is slower, and can have 'bursts' of energy...much like you putting your foot on the accelerator. Anyway, I've done what I've done. If he's unhappy, he'll have to wait well into the New Year before I'll even think about it.

Financially at the moment, I'm starting to freak out mentally. I still need to renew my car insurance ($400), this is different from registration, which I paid last week ($200). Both the boys need a new pair of school shoes (approx $100 each). At the end of January, I have school fees (about $240, yeah cheap I know but money I still have to budget for), school stationary (approx $150 if I'm lucky), approximately $300 worth of updating their school uniforms, AND a wedding to get us to up north (4 Feb). I've already paid for the accommodation ($275, REAL cheap), but I still have to find something for us all to wear so we look half decent while we're attending said wedding. Not to mention the cost of petrol to drive us several hundreds of kilometres to get to it. Why on earth she decided to get married up there instead of her hometown is beyond me! But, of course, we'll attend, because we love her. *sigh*

I also think I've got a 'slow leak' tyre. You know the wheel that my hubcap went missing from the other week? Well it seems that's probably why the hubcap went AWOL. The tyre needed air...once I'd pumped it up, it's proving to want to be pumped up on a regular basis. I don't think this is going to cost me too much, hopefully just a new tube, or repair of the current one. I'm due for a WOF (Warrant of Fitness) on the car in December (more outgoing money) and I do believe I need a new June at the last WOF (we have them every 6 months) I replaced two tyres and the mechanic told me I'd likely need another new one next WOF.

On top of that, I have the usual bills that will need paying. Eating could be a problem lol. My credit cards are almost at their limit (this probably scares me more than anything else...well maybe not, but almost). I want to buy a BBQ. For what I've been looking at, and what would be suitable for us, I'd be looking for at least $400 new, and that's without a gas bottle. I'm going to look through the "Trade and Exchange", which is a weekly newspaper that has everything for sale in it, secondhand or new, from baby gear to cars, boats and houses. There's bound to be a good quality second hand BBQ for sale in there.

I haven't heard from the tv repairman about how much it's going to cost to fix my 29" lounge fact I haven't heard from him at all, so I have no idea when it's even going to be coming back. I'm expecting it to be around the $200, hopefully not more.

Of course, right smack in the middle of the next couple of months and their financial raid, is Christmas. If my boys were still under 8 years old, I wouldn't find this such a burden. The fact that they're not anymore is hurting my pocket big time. I sat them down and spoke with them about it before school today. Talked about how tight money's going to be over the next few months...apologised to Ryan, because I really felt the electric guitar and amp he was hoping for, was out of my reach at this time. I even suggested that we buy a joint family christmas present in the form of a BBQ (yeah, as I suspected, that went down like a lead balloon...they didn't protest loudly, but the facial expressions spoke volumes lol). I was only kidding, but had to try anyway...two birds with one stone an' all that lol.

When Ryan turns 15 next April, my ex and I will buy him a new computer. The one he's using at the moment is the dog of the house. It's old, slow and has stuff all hard drive space. For Cameron's 15th we did that, and so we should continue on in the same vein. Course, that'll possibly mean the internet usage rises once again, and I'll be back here blogging about this shit all over again. Trying to come up with ideas for presents, that I can afford and that will still have my children excited, is doing my head in.

Oh, and one more thing, seeing as I'm on such a roll here. My tenants downstairs are only obligated to stay until mid January. That's when their tenancy agreement is up. They may choose to renew it, but considering the female half of the two is pregnant, they may actually want to get out sooner. The baby is due mid January. If they decide to move at that time of year, and I have trouble letting out the flat (which I invariably do, have trouble at that time of year I mean)...then I'll really be crippled. You could come in here to find nothing but a desperate plea and a "Paypal" button on my site lol.

I do have some money set aside for my trip to Canada next year. Lately I've found I have to keep digging into it to pay for this, that and the other thing, and I'm getting down about how down the fund is getting (hope you're getting this). While Walker is here, I've taken a couple of weeks off. I've chosen the weeks that have statutory holidays in them, which means altogether I only have to take off 4 days....I've also taken them without pay so I can keep my annual leave intact for when I travel next year. Yep, money is certainly going to be tight the next few months. Sorry dear, hope you don't mind eating toast for dinner every night for 6 weeks lol. We can use cookie cutters to make different shapes each night for variety.

So....if you've actually managed to read this far, then I applaud you...with great enthusiasm. Anyone that's managed to get this far through today's drivel deserves a medal! If you managed to read this far, then I thank you for listening.

I love this time of year, yet I hate this time of year. Sometimes life just seems to be about money. I don't buy a lottery ticket very often...when I do bother, I expect to win...course I don't win...which in turn pisses me off for spending the $5 on the ticket. Ah well, life would be boring if it wasn't so interesting.
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