Thursday, November 03, 2005

Come in no. 20,000...Can You Hear Me no. 20,000?

I'm not supposed to be here.

It's 11pm and I was in bed.

I've been in bed since 8.30 tonight watching tv. This is mainly due to the fact that my TV in the lounge is broken. Last Sunday in the middle of the boys watching a DVD the screen chose to collapse in on itself basically. Which actually means I have two very skinny horizontal lines across the centre of the screen.

I rang for the repair man. He turned up, carried it away and we haven't seen it since. It's caused a void in our lounge...or as Ryan said "Wow, it's left a big hole!" lol I have no idea when it's going to return, but it better because I'm getting a stiff neck watching the one hoisted up in the corner of my bedroom for too many hours.

So....that's where I've been. Watching telly. In my bedroom. All 14 inches of it. Boo.

Course seeing as I've been watching tv for a couple of hours in bed...I turned it off ready to retire for the night...and "bing" eyes didn't want to be in bed anymore. Thus, here I am, writing a post I wasn't going to write, but only because I came in here for a quick look and noticed the numbers on the site counter.

I'm THAT close to reaching 20,000. Well I'm not, but I'm certainly closer than I was a couple of months ago. So I thought I'd bring it to your notice (al la Jo *mwah*) and should you be the one that clocks up the 20,000th visit here, let me know. I'll send you something a Christmas Card.

And no cheating, you aint allowed to continually refresh the page to make it happen (you know who you are!).

Any takers?
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