Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm Impressed, In More Ways Than One

On my way to work yesterday afternoon, I could feel the car doing it's 'wobbly' thing again. So I drove straight into the garage that's two doors down from the surgery....put the window down and asked them if there was any chance they could check my back tyre. They were so lovely, I was impressed. "You just work down the road eh?" (Frankly I don't recall ever seeing him before, but there ya go). He suggested I park it at work and he'd send someone over for it later.

A couple of hours later a young man turned up, took off with my car...and 30 minutes later when I was doing a mail run I walked past the garage to see my baby up on the hoist. Course, I had to go investigate.

Him: "Let me show you why your tyre was leaking"
*picks up 2 inch nail from workbench and holds it up for my inspection*
Me: "Oh...yeah...well that'll do it"
Him: "I've repaired the tyre and re-balanced the wheel should be right now."
Me: "Thanks! That's great! I can't afford to lose anymore hubcaps."
Him: "That's a real nice set you've got there"
Me: "My 16 year old reckons they're too "bling" for the rest of the car lol"
Him: "Nah, they look good...I could put some cable-ties on your wheels if you like."
Me: "Eh?...uh" *blank expression* "How many would you put on?"
Him: "Well I could cover them if you really wanted me to, but just one on each wheel would be enough to prevent you losing any more hubcaps lol."
Me: *mental click* "Ooooh of course! What a fabulous idea! That'd be great, thanks! "

I went back to work gushing about how wonderful they were at the garage. The thought of not losing a hubcap put me in a bouyant mood. What a brilliant idea...anyone would think that it had never been thought of before the way I was carrying on about it. I think this has something to do with the lack of an adult male in the house...I've much to learn about cars...much much more.
I went back later to pick her up and pay the bill. It cost me $25.00. No way! $25.00?? I was ecstatic...I drove back to work and ran in the door to tell Annette. Richard chose that moment to come out of his office.

Richard: "And what are you so excited about?"
Me: "The garage only charged me $25."
Annette: "In other words, Lisa's been flirting with the mechanics again."
Richard: *looking at me* "Oh?"
Me: "Hardly...they're just lovely men helping out a lady in distress is all"
Annette: " you smiled at them."
Me: "Well, of course I bloody did, I wasn't going to get any help being a grumpy old cow was I?"
Annette: *looking at Richard* "See? Told ya"
Me: "Oh hush up....mind you...he did say I had a really nice set"
Two pairs of eyebrows shot up.


Thank you to all those that commented yesterday. I would've sworn after all the belly-aching I did you'd have run for the hills. But came, you read and you commented. Thank you.

A special thank you and a big sloppy kiss to Bella, who in true Bella-fashion wrote a post about how to save money (not to mention some ideas on how to MAKE money too). Thank you Bella, you never fail to impress me. Anyone that's feeling the pinch at the moment, or at any time of the year for that matter, should indeed fly across to Caution to the Wind, and read her post from yesterday (titled "Interlude"). Lots of great ideas there!

I can guarantee you, there are several things I've done in the past few weeks that she would been smacking my hands for lol
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