Friday, November 18, 2005

Now We're Cookin'

I have a new BBQ. I used to have one years ago, but it left the house around the same time my husband did. Besides, it WAS his...he'd received it from a happy customer to say thank you for a job well done.

So, after much searching around and various letterbox junkmail scrummaging I found one. In fact it's the cheapest of the ones I'd seen. I was humming and hahing about it, until Wednesday, when I rang my best friend to set up a dinner date (Fri night) and mentioned that I was looking at BBQs. She immediately gasped and said "Oh! get one from Woolworths!"

Now, I had seen the BBQ in the Woolies was cheap (ideal in my current financial predicament)...but...I wanted to SEE one set up. I'm not too keen about parting with money for something I've not seen in all it's physical glory. I need to touch it, smell it, feel and see how solid it is etc. Then I feel I can make my judgement call. get the drift. I had a personal recommendation. She was gushing about her parents' new BBQ and how fabulous it was, and how she'd been sure it was worth at least $900...and then her mum told her they'd purchased it from Woolworths for $295. Well...that was me...I was sold right there and then. I rang Woolworths, asked if they had any left. OMG, they had only one left! "Could you please put that aside for me? I'll be down tonight to get it"...."That's ok, it's near customer services, we'll just keep an eye on it"...(yeah whatever)....*whiney voice* "But what if someone buys it in the meantime??"....*huff* "Yeah ok, what's your name?".

So I race down there with Ryan in tow, to collect our latest cooking appliance. Yay! It's in kitset form. I'm either going to attempt to put this together...the ultimate result being; no parts left when finished....or it's going to stay in kitset form until Walker gets here lol. Now, you all know I'm just gonna HAVE to have a go at this myself right? I am woman! Hear me roar!..and swear...and puff and I take on this task.

After paying for it, I brought the car around and pulled up alongside the exit. Two big burly males came out carrying it. They wrestled it into the back of the car...we had to put the back seats down flat to fit it in. And off we drove...our new BBQ in pieces in the box in the back. One more thing to cross off the list. Yes!

For the past two days I've been driving around with it in the back of my car. This is not due to me being lazy (although I'm the first to admit that I am), this is because the box is too damn heavy for me to remove from the car. I've spent the last couple of mornings moving the car very carefully down my steep driveway, to avoid being struck in the back of the head with a large heavy object.

The anxiety of these short drives up and down the driveway at home, not to mention how much air was possibly being pushed out of my already fragile back tyre (well, yeah I know it's fixed now, but that's not to say it still can't hiss out when a certain amount of cast iron is thrown in the boot)....shit...where was I? oh yeah...too much angst does not a happy Lisa had to be remedied.

Last night I came home to find an extra teenage male in the house. That got my thought processes turning...I enlisted the help of this extra fact...all I said was "We need to get the BBQ up from the car"...he immediately piped up with "I'll help"....and that was that. The four of us trudged down to the garage. After a lot of messing about and wrestling with the box, we did it....that is to say...we got the lid of the box open.

We wriggled the box so it was sorta part way hanging out the back of the car, opened the lid, and I started removing items from the box and handing them to the kids....who would trudge back up the stairs to offload. Eventually the box was light enough to carry, and two of us carried it upstairs...dumped it, and it's contents in the middle of the lounge floor...where I promptly put everything else back in it in jigsaw fashion.

For the past week I've been feeling pretty good about how lovely and tidy and more importantly, clean and dust-free...I repeat...clean and dust-free, my lounge is....and now I have a dirty great big box in the middle of it. I am going to attempt to put it together this weekend. Not only to prove that I can do it, but to clear the space and have that feel-good thing going on about my lounge area again. When I'm finished, it's going to look like this (and yes, this is the actual BBQ I bought, gotta love that Google):

Oh, one tiny technical difference about this picture....besides the fact it's all together in one piece (and the food items etc weren't included)...the above BBQ has a gas cylinder...and mine doesn't.

But it will! pay day!
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