Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tough Smiles

I wasn't feeling so grand this afternoon...in fact I thought I was going to puke (there ya go, two posts in a row mentioning spew, mark it up). I went and lay down at about 1pm and slept for 3 hours straight. My body obviously needed it. Seemed like something was outta whack. When I woke the boys had arrived home from school and I made the decision to take them out for dinner.

Just down to my favourite local bar. It was a pleasant experience for the most part. They actually acted their age.. Most of the time, when we're out for dinner, they tend to poke and prod at each other, clown around etc, I'm sure they do it to wind me up.

I pulled my camera out...

"Mess with our Ma and you'll have us to deal with"

Yeah right. Pfft.

A poor attempt at the Halloween spirit.

I told them to stop larking about "Could you please give me a nice picture for your Uncle David". Cameron put his hand up "Wait! Wait! We need to get a smiley face on" They both contorted their features rubber-like. I rolled my eyes.

What a transformation.
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