Monday, December 26, 2005

Around The World in 80 Minutes

I was sitting here this morning, thinking about how slack I've been at writing up something christmassy and all that blah blah.

I know, YOU know I want only the very best for you all for the festive season and the new year...why do I have to keep bloody well saying it??

There were more pressing matters in my head....besides, christmas was yesterday....I am SO over that.

But then....

I had an was sudden and came at me in the form of a blinding light (hmm, food for thought). I desperately needed to be part of everyone else's christmas too, not just mine.

For an unknown reason I started listening to some rockin' christmas music in my headset and I was swept up by all the hype and hoopla...finally. What can I say?...I'm a slow starter...t'was a delayed reaction my friends.

So, as it's now Boxing Day here in Kiwi-land, that doesn't mean that it has to be all over for me right? I aint a has-been....I just look like one. (Just kidding, I know I still have my moments of hotness, you know it *rolls eyes*)

I started dialling...

*beep beep beepity beep*....*ring ring ringy ring ring*

A gorgeous british accent answered the phone "Hello?" I was in England sharing a short space of christmas time with my Fabulous Fizzy! You all know she's mine right? Good...don't you be forgetting that. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time I spoke with her.

*beep beep, ringy ring ring*

Next stop, France. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! It was such a pleasure to speak with the Beautiful Jo (and I suspect I got Simon very briefly there at the beginning?). After I'd hung up from her...I yelled "HA! Take that! I CAN be in France afterall!! Bwah ah aaaaah!"....I have no idea who I was yelling that to, but hey I frightened the cat, so it's all good.

*beep beep, ringy ring ring*

A lovely young southern accent answered. "something-or-other....what colour do you want?" Huh? Hell, did I ring a paint shop?? After a bit of Kiwi and Louisaiana accent fumbling...I got to hear the sexy drawl of another very special friend of mine. In fact, Kenny is my longest standing internet buddy from ICQ days. I love him and his family to pieces despite how many times I've wanted to slap him upside the head over the years...only in the best possible way of course lol. He's the kinda mate I could end up sitting in a jail cell next know the one that slaps their knee saying "DAMN, that was fun!"?

The dialling and ringing continued a little longer....had a couple of hiccups on my travels....spoke to an unknown male in North Carolina...wished him Merrry Christmas all the same lol. The only person in my address book I couldn't get hold of was my boyfriend. But I'll talk to him later this afternoon, AND I'll get him in my clutches in person in a couple of days time, yeah yaaa. You do know I'm gonna be getting some of the real stuff soon eh? *smirk* (just ignore that, I'm becoming obssessed with the thought lol)

So, there ya go....this morning physically, I've wandered around my lounge and kitchen talking on the voice and heart has been transported to various corners of the world and truly loved it's travel down the phone lines. Nothing better than a kiwi girl pushing her way into your family celebrations...what more could you ask for?? I mean, really?

Ok, enough of the arrogance. *clears throat* By ringing those extra special people in my life this morning, I gave myself a belated christmas present...such a delightful and delicious that warmed my heart, lifted my spirits and had the rest of my body doing a happy dance of it's own. Thank you so much for not hanging up when you realised who it was lol.

Technology rocks doesn't it? Yep, you better believe it. *grin*


Walker: "Guess what I'm doing?"
Me: "Eh? We don't have time for that right now."
Walker: "Oh ha ha, not that."
Me: "Ok, I'll play the game...what are you doing?"
Walker: "I'm strapping my boots on."
Me: "Wow, I've got butterflies."
Walker: "Me too, but mine are the size of eagles and hawks lol"

So, there it is folks. That was part of the last conversation I had with him, minutes before he left the house for his first flight. Next time I speak to him will be when I see him at Wellington Airport.

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