Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Calm Before Another Storm?

No whinging today, I'm feeling slightly more in control of my surroundings.

This morning I woke at 6.15am. I was out of the door at 7.00am and walking around the supermarket aisles. I figured that time of the day would be perfect to get my food shopping done. There'd be barely anyone around, I could think clearly without extra noise of toddler tantrums and there'd be no major holdups at the check-out.

It seems a lot of other people had the same idea. If I'd known that so many were going to be milling around shopping, I would've made sure I looked half decent. As it was I staggered around half-asleep in my slippers. I was however wearing some lovely gold earrings so I'm hoping that made up for the rest of my attire. When it comes to cheap gold, *pokes self in chest* I'm your woman...well, I mean, if it's gold, and it's cheap...I am SO there!

Anyway, the majority of food shopping is done now, so I'm feeling better. Yesterday afternoon I reached the peak of throwing my toys out of the playpen. I sat here for a while and sobbed at Walker on the headset "I don't want to do this anymore *sniff*...I want to cancel Christmas.*sniff*..I can't handle all the noise and the people and the financial strain!"

Sob, sob, blah blah, sob, sob.

Oh boo friggin' hoo Lisa, get a grip woman!
(Ever notice how much we talk to ourselves at this time of year?)

So I did...kinda...sorta...and today...all seems calm with the world. The fact that my teenagers are still sound asleep could have something to do with it lol. I basically yanked any options for food away from my offspring. I'm the mother...I'm the adult...I'm the one supporting this household, so I will be the one to make the decision about the food.

"Dear Sprogs....We are going to be having this, with this and followed by this. Should you have any complaints, please put it in writing and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible in the New Year. Love you lots...the Boss-Lady"

And that's that. Shop done. Fridge closed.

Hey...I've got a new bloggy friend...he's apparently Trapped in Colorado. MrColorado is a single man (go get him girls! haha), VERY new to blogging...and this post has him asking a few questions of us women. Questions about shoe fetishes and the differences between "I love you" and "I'm IN love with you" etc. So ladies (and gentlemen) the man a favour? Drop in and see him and lay your opinion on his commenting section. I know he'd appreciate your view and welcome the visit.

Look at me...telling you I won't be around as much, and here I am blogging 3 days in a row. You know what? It really aint so bad being unpredictable...although I will promise, you won't find me chasing you wearing an indian feathered head-dress with a tomahawk in my hand. Feeling safer now? Excellent.

Right...move along now...nothing more to see here.
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