Friday, December 02, 2005

I can seeeee youuuuuuu...

Yeah ok, I can't... but you can see me now can't you? Which means I really am still here despite what you may think.
(And yes I do know how scary and stiff-like I'm looking in this shot, so feel free to say so.)

Anyhoo, here's what's up with update of anything or everything I can think of at this time.


"Hi, are you busy at the moment?" *grinning to show all my teeth*
*one eyebrow raised* "Does this have anything to do with a BBQ?"
"Well, yeah"
"In that case, I'm very busy"


He eventually came out of his bedroom and helped me. He's a good boy like that. So, the barbeque is home and hosed. In other words it's together. We put it together last weekend and it took us just over 2 hours. Ok, there was a fair amount of grunting and complaining, especially as I tried to line up screw holes on a leg and a little side flip thing, against the centre of the bbq. At one stage we needed Ryan as well, and all three of us were holding legs, wheels or the wrench. And guess what?! No extra bits or pieces left over at the end of it! Woo hoo!

Stalker-like Co-worker: I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear I've backed off a little from this lady. And as such she's not been so 'in my face' about everything. I find her extremely intense, she's quite rigid when it comes to her shift, and that does cause some problems during the Monday morning shifts. You can't be rigid during this shift in particular....flexibility is the key to getting all that's required complete. She gets this look on her face that gives me the creeps, and I'm not the only one that feels that way. It's like a "make me do that and I'm going to injure you in some way" kinda look. *shudder*
Ah well, still early days yet. For the time being, she won't be getting her foot back in my door again.

Xmas presents: My ex-husband and I had decided we could manage to get together enough for the electric guitar that Ryan's been wanting all year. We ordered it online from a music store in Auckland and it's only $320 new. It's a pretty good guitar for a first attempt really, and it will be enough for what he needs right now. The total cost will be $390, which includes a soft case, a stand and (*sigh*) an amp. This is what it looks like.

Ryan will be studying music for his NCEA Level 1 exams next year (lord, like I haven't felt under enough stress with Cameron sitting his Level 1's this year lol). I made the mistake of saying to Cam the other night "Geez, I think I'm more stressed out about these exams than you are" Uh...bad move Mum. Anyway, I managed to do some fast talking and hugging to get myself out of that verbal slip. Anyway, we figure this new guitar (he already has an acoustic one) will help.

Cameron has asked for a DVD burner for his PC for Xmas. This has now been ordered and should arrive shortly. My ex is in the computer industry and has ordered this directly from the importer. I'd still like to find something that he doesn't know about as well...I mean, something that he'll enjoy and will actually surprise him. It's so difficult to surprise him these days.

The DVD player that was a bonus with the new television arrived last Saturday. I'm embarrassed to admit we only have one DVD in the house (besides the zillion Japanese ones that Cameron has)...and that one DVD is? Westlife in concert. Yes I know, I came in a music CD that I bought a couple of years ago. Yeah, I bought a Westlife CD...anyone wanna make something of it??

Cameron and I went grocery shopping this afternoon....we also bought the 9kg gas bottle to go with the BBQ.

Whilst wandering down one aisle:

"Hey, let's get some plum sauce to go with the spanakopitas that Walker's going to make when he's here"
"Um..., I'm not so sure I'm going to be comfortable eating anything with THAT many syllables."

Walker's Arrival: 26 sleeps to go. Whoop!

I've still been getting around reading you as often as I can, I obviously don't always comment, but I have been yeah...I can see you afterall!
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