Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Don't Want Another Orgasm

Last week I watched a documentary (20/20) regarding Persistant Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS) and how it has affected the lives of some women. It's been proven that women from the age of 19 right up to 80 years can be affected by PSAS.

This condition means that a woman is almost in a constant state of sexual arousal. There is a consistant throbbing down in the trenches...and it can't be relieved without orgasm. I found the whole programme extremely interesting in some ways, yet alarming in others. There aren't a high percentage of women in the world that have this condition, and although there could be some men out there that might feel dismayed at that thought....after watching this doco I will confess I don't feel like I've missed out by not being one.

To give you some idea of how it would feel for a would be like having a constant full on erection...ejaculating and then a few minutes later...well, you guessed it, full on erection again.....for 24 hours...7 days a week. As wonderful as that may sound to me in my predicament, I'm sure it's not so comfy for the male population.

Two of the women they interviewed had become compulsive housekeepers. They had to keep moving...polishing, rubbing, dusting etc..keeping their hands busy I guess. They'd come to realise it was the only way that would help them stop being so aware of their loins aching in such a way. One in particular said she could have an orgasm every 30 seconds and that could continue on for anything between 4-8 hours. They all agreed that orgasms had become a task, a huge disruption to their lives and anything could spark it off. Those interviewed had been coping with PSAS for at least 8 years.

One hated her washing machine (yeah, I have that kinda relationship with mine too). The only time she could cope with it at all was while she was loading it with dirty clothes and soap powder (eh? isn't that the only time you really have to cope with it anyway?). If it was going through it's spin cycle, she couldn't even look at it. If she so much as put her hand on it, it would set off the pulsing and throbbing down below and she could never be sure how long that could last for.

The 'washing machine' lady had a happy and healthy sex life. Her husband did however have a tired, washed out look about him. He said it was like a double edged sword...turned out she was the one doing most of the chasing around the kitchen table, trying to grab him. This couple had a good sense of humour about it and although they admitted there were times it would cause problems, they seemed to manage to keep it in check.

One of the other women wasn't so lucky. Her husband was sleeping in a seperate room. If she actually was 'lucky' enough not to feel that throbbing, the last thing she wanted was for him to be doing anything that might have it return. Thus he slept in a different room, shared with their 8 year old son. Mum would masturbate if and when she needed the relief, and Dad was screwed basically because he can't be seen to be doing that in front of his kid. I'm not sure why Mum couldn't just go shake Dad awake when the need arose and get him to join her in the other room. At least that way, they'd both enjoy being close with a satisfying end result.

Near the end of the programme, one of them decided to try out something different in the hope it would help. It was like accupuncture, but instead of needles being used, she was hooked up to a small machine that had electric shock pulses shooting out the end of a wand. (I will admit at this stage I wondered how on earth adding electric pulses to the mix was going to do anything other than compound the vibrations her body was already feeling.) The therapist placed the little wand on various pressure points (feet, hands, knees etc) and judging by the squeals and facial expressions, it was no easy thing to endure!

But it did help. She didn't feel the throbbing by the end of the session (lucky she wasn't bloody dead, if you ask me). She stood up and walked throbbing...her adult son came into the room and Mum cried on him as he hugged her. She kept looking at the clock to see how long she'd been throb-free. 12 minutes and counting. And she stayed that way...for just over 48 hours...when the throbbing started to build back up again. Although she was disappointed to have it return, to say she was more than relieved to find a way to stop it temporarily, would've been a gross understatement.

I felt almost uncomfortable watching this programme. The thought of actually having an orgasm made me squirm, and not in the usual sense either. Having orgasms should be a pleasurable, thrilling experience...they make you breathless, your whole body becomes warmly 'buzzed', drained and satisfied. That's the way it is for me...I love having orgasms. But...the thought of having my loins aching on such a regular heart rate doubling, blood pressure rising....and my body exploding in such a way, every 30 seconds for hours on end??! That would take the silver lining off the cloud for me. It'd be like diamonds don't you think? If they weren't so hard to come by (haha), they'd be a dime a dozen. And what's so special about that? Not a lot, that's what.

Nah, I don't think I'd like that much at all. When would I have time to bark orders at my kids??

How about you? Can you see any merits in having this condition? Would you like to be experiencing that many orgasms each and every day? And would you feel if your partner had this 'problem'?
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