Friday, December 23, 2005

In case you weren't aware....

I'm going to be having sex soon.

The real stuff.

No computer, headset or telephone in sight.

Passionate...breathless...nail-digging...clothes-ripping...face-distorting....body-bruising..."Oh.My.God. I. am. ALIVE!!"

Anyone or anything that attempts to get in the way of that happening will most definitely be hurt.

My christmas present is arriving a few days late this year, but it's going to be well worth the wait.

Cos I'm gonna be getting me a little somethin' somethin'.

Actually, no....I'm gonna be getting me a LOTTA somethin' somethin'.

Yes sireee, I am.

My man, he cometh...and so too, will I. (heh)

Is my house ready?....Nope.

Is my body ready?....Hell Yeah.

Yes...the earth is going to move.

Yes...the angels will be a'singin'. Hark y'all.

And Yes, I know you're all ecstatic I've shared this information with you. can't have pictures.

And now, onto less important news:
Christmas Day will be upon New Zealand shores in 2 sleeps.
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