Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Noise Control

I kinda feel Chrismassy, but to be honest I'm feeling more NO than yes right now.

At one stage yesterday afternoon there were 6 teenagers in my lounge. I love that my children's friends feel comfortable visiting here. They tend to drop in without invitation, no announcement etc....I open the door and WA LA!...there they are. For the most part I enjoy their company. Most have been here several times before and have become relaxed around me. A couple are still a little uneasy in my presence. It's always good to instill a little bit of fear in somebody...bwah ah aaaaaah! lol

I refuse to leave my lounge area to accommodate them specifically. This is my home...I'm part of the furniture here...that's just the way it is. Sometimes I'll choose that moment to sit down here with the headphones on, crank the tunes up and write a post. Just basically ignore them. It's like bumble bee strategy...you don't annoy them, they won't annoy you lol.

[This broadcast has just been interrupted due to me letting in a couple of young teenage girls. Both dropping in to see Ryan...his bedroom door has just closed behind them. Should I be worried?]

Last night I was sprawled out on my bed watching Extreme MakeOver Home Edition and Desperate Housewives (two programmes I usually never miss)...because to use the telly in the lounge may have started an uprising. The playstation gunshot sounds were ricochetting off the walls and embedding themselves directly into the noise control centre of my brain.

[Ryan just surfaced from his room to remove the playstation from the lounge TV....no longer worried about what they're up to in there lol]

The Dual Screen and it's little nintendo doggy thing was yapping and barking at whichever teen was calling out to it and hollering instructions.

Around that time is when Ryan chose to bring out his guitar and pluck away at it while watching everything that was going on.

I wanted to make plenty of noise myself by that stage.

I wanted to yell....."Enough!! Everyone and everything, Shut..The..Hell..Up!!"
But I didn't...

because I didn't want to embarrass my children in front of their friends...

and because I'm chicken shit.

This morning I got up at 6am, flicked the switch on the kettle and wandered into the lounge yawning to find two teenage boys sleeping across my furniture. One of them was Cameron, so I guess that makes it ok right?

Actually, all this coming and going of boys and girls through my household is not feeling ok today. There are 5 days before Christmas...I still have to do the supermarket shopping or we'll be eating Ricies for christmas breakfast, Weetbix for lunch and Honey Puffs for dinner. (Why the hell is it that there is always cereal for miles in my pantry??)

I've had a word with Cameron, and I shall do the same with Ryan, once his friends leave. For the next 3 days of this week there are to be no dropper-inners at this house. I'm having trouble trying to organise myself...having trouble trying to do housework and write lists of what's left to be done....I can't do this when I'm continuously being interrupted by door-knockers....I can't do this when there are so many bodies in my way.

I think I've mentioned before, the boys and I are going to stay home on Christmas Day this year. My ex-husband is coming over at 8.30am to join in the sleepy christmas joy and have breakfast with us. It's my plan to make sure that everyone is involved in the cooking of breakfast...and the main meal of the day. Which incidentally I still have no idea what we're going to serve up. I've tried asking the kids what they'd prefer and that it's not allowed to be just anything we'd eat for dinner on any other day (besides, most of the takeaway outlets are closed on Christmas day hahaha).

It's hopeless trying to get answers out of them when they're dodging gunfire, racing cars and yelling at a virtual pooch to "go fetch". My two better make sure they ring their mates and tell them this house is out of bounds for the next 3 days.

And should these friends be stupid enough to turn up despite my orders...well...they better be prepared to dust, vacuum, clean windows and mop floors...and if not...then they better be wearing combat gear.

What's more...after Walker arrives (8 sleeps to go, whoop!)...no-one and I mean NO.ONE better be making any complaints about the noise in this house then!
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