Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is where you put in the soap powder...

As we are all SO aware, it is THAT time of year.

The time of year when we have no money left...and that's only if we've managed to come up with some brilliant ideas for our loved ones christmas pressies.

It's also the time of year that we have to fight and push our way round the supermarket aisles to make sure our families are getting fed. I hate this bit. Do they really need food that badly??

God, how I hate this time of year in the supermarkets. I hate any time of year in the supermarket to be honest (except maybe at around 2am cos there's just about nobody there, it's brilliant...'cept I don't usually stay awake that long, pfft). Which is why I do my shopping online if I can.

Lately I've had to brave the supermarket aisles, because when shopping online I have to use my credit card. My credit card balance aint looking too grand at all...cha ching!..who woulda guessed?!

This morning on the radio (heh), they were talking about the unfortunate but practically guaranteed scenario of unruly children while out shopping. You know the ones. The 3 and 4 year olds in particular that throw tantrums cos they want something their parent has said "no" to. Or maybe they're just so damn tired as the year end is drawing closer...hell, I'm tired and cranky, I'm ready for a break...why wouldn't a toddler be the same?

There have been plenty of times that I would have loved to throw myself down on the ground, kicking and screaming. Sometimes I really do feel the aching need to run straight out into the traffic with someone yelling out behind me. I might really like to push a foreign object up my nose just for the hell of it one day (ok, another day, but that was a dare, I'd been drinking and I really didn't think it would get stuck up there alright??). And hey, what better way to celebrate the end of year, if not to run away and have half the city out knocking door to door trying to find you?

I ask you....why should the little people have the coolest fun huh?

When my kids were deep in the mess of toddler-hood, and if they tried a lark like that on me, most of the time I ignored them and walked away. Once their prime audience was gone, they'd get up and come to find me. I would punish them later when we got home...usually by removing something they loved for a short while. One time I actually picked up a broom off the stand and swept Cameron to the side of the aisle before walking off...I didn't want anyone running over him with their trolley lol.

Putting them in the washing machine with a few heavy bricks on the lid was a fantasy of mine I never did get to fulfill....ah well, maybe I'll get to play that one out with my grandchildren.

Back to the radio dudes....as they discussed the 'tantrum throwing children in public places' thing, they asked the public what they do if or when they came across such an atrocity. It was interesting to hear some of the responses from the public. One young lady in particular (she sounded all of 19) made my jaw hit the steering wheel....she said that the other day she had come across exactly that situation...a young boy was on the floor of the supermarket screaming his head off....his dad was standing by watching not doing anything (poor bugger was probably thinking "Is there any possible way I can get away with maiming my child and noone will notice?"). She eventually walked up to Dad and said....wait for it....

"Please remove that repulsive little beast".

I was astounded that anyone would go so far as to be that blatant. Ok, I'm pretty sure there's some of us that have thought this at some time...but to come straight out and say it?? She didn't even ask....she told him to do it. Hell, anyone that would've said such to me when my kids were younger, better be running in the opposite direction immediately afterwards. Apart from the humiliation of MY child doing such a thing...the fact that I would've been praying to have the ground open up and swallow me at that point, and omg the temptation if we were anywhere near sharp objects at the time....I sure as hell don't need someone putting their face in mine and saying anything like that to me.

I understand how annoying it is to try shopping with some screaming brat carrying on...some of those tantrums can go on for bloody ages non-stop...but how about having a heart for the harrassed parent? I know there are kids out there that are just plain mean through and through...let's face it...bet you all know of some child you wouldn't mind taking a big heavy stick to at the earliest opportunity right? Ok, maybe that's just me.

A few years ago I befriended a young mum with a wee crying baby in the supermarket...I offered to carry and rock her babe around the aisles so she could get her shopping done. Baby stopped crying, Mum stopped stressing that her baby was teething and wanted to be held...(we all know how much that gets to us...to hear our babies crying while we're stumbling over our feet trying to get something done in a hurry? "Distraction" should try that). Mum completed her task and I got to cuddle yet another baby while my kids took off with the list and finished our shopping (loved that bit in particular lol).

Parents of young children have enough to deal with at any time of year, let alone Christmas time. We don't need some snot-nosed childless know-it-all telling us how to raise our kids. And although that's not what she said, it's certainly implied that that father didn't know what he was doing and that he needed to step a few more rungs up the parenting ladder of life. Over the radio, she went on to say that she had a right to be in that supermarket and to be able to shop without that racket going on (or something to that affect). Why should she have to put up with that noise?

I guess that Dad didn't have the right to be there eh? I don't suppose his family needed to be fed right? You know what lady? Life is like that. If you want to go through it with rose-tinted glasses on, pretending that everything's always perfect and all children are amazing little people that never get tired and misbehave...move your arse outta the real world and go live in Stepford.

If not...then..Shut..Your..Face...because quite frankly, if you'd said that to me at that time of my life...I would've been more than happy to do it for you.

Oh, and by the way....I bought a new washing machine last year....l'd be honoured if you could find some time to pay it a visit. *wink*


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