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This post is a's also a bitsa...bitsa this and bitsa that. Just thought I'd warn you all case you find yourself wondering whether it's actually going to end lol.

Walker and I went into town yesterday. Wellington that is. I had thought I could take him to a couple of craft markets that we have in the city...ones that he could buy souvenirs and experience some ethnic food etc, you know the type.

In theory, it seemed a good reality, well, it was a crock of shit. It's been some time since I ventured into the city to have a look around these markets. My god, how they've changed. The markets I remembered being there, were practically non-existent now. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed, but we walked around the various shops, listening to street buskers and enjoying the sunshine.

I never did write about our weekend up at my sister's place, so I'll fill you in briefly now. The weather was absolutely wind, oodles of sunshine. New Zealand's sunshine is brutal if you're not careful. We have one of the highest rates of melanoma (skin cancer) in the world. If you're not appropriately 'covered' up, it's almost a sure thing you'll get burnt.

We sat around the table outside...drank and ate until we were ready to burst and then drank some more. Walker and I are now the first guests to spend a night out in one of the shipping containers they have on their property....these are purely just for sleeping in...but there are bathroom facilities in both. There was a shower and toilet in the one we used...but no hot water lol....and no electricity - my brother-in-law ran a very long extension cord out to it so we could have a lamp....we took a torch in case one of us needed to use the toilet in the middle of the night. No curtains

The following morning we went for a walk through the orchard. Unfortunately the trees were past the stage of full bloom...I love the sight of apple orchards when they're all out in full's spectacular. Here's a couple of photos I took while we were walking around that morning. You can barely see him, but my nephew is on the tractor in one of them...he's mowing the grass between the rows.

We had a lovely relaxing time that weekend....left the orchard around 11am to get back to the city in time to watch my best friend's daughter play in the U17 girls softball national championship finals at 3pm. They'd been playing this tournament for 4 days....her team playing approximately 12 games over the course of that time...then onto the finals. Was a fantastic game, Wellington won the tournament final, 5-1. All in all, a great weekend.

This past Friday I got a parcel. While sitting here in my PJs, eating breakfast, the courier arrived at my door with a very special delivery. Barnaby Bear has finally arrived in New Zealand!

For those of you who don't know, Barnaby is a bear that Jo has sent me. Barnaby comes with homework (what do you expect from a teacher, sheesh lol)...I loved looking at the photos of the children in her class and the questions that some wanted to know about New Zealand, or even me personally. I was thrilled to see that every child in the class had signed it. Made me feel all gooey and go "Aaaaaww...*sniff*".

So while out and about on our travels yesterday, we took a few pics of Barnaby in various of which was this young street busker.

He had a small drum kit set up on the side of the street...a 15 year old, played with quite a crowd around him the end of it I rushed forward and asked him if he'd mind if I took a photo of him with Barnaby for some children in England. There were some young chickie babes standing nearby trying to talk to him at the same time....I told him he didn't have to hold the bear (who am I to ruin the kid's budding machismo? lol)

Once we'd had our fill in town, we stopped in to see Anna, Jason and Jaimee. The wedding's fast approaching...two weeks away....on the 4th of February....damn that time shot past. Darlings that they are, they sat and posed for me...hope you can see Barnaby there lol.

Not being so accommodating about sitting for pics with the bear, Jaimee wasn't so easy to manipulate...didn't stop me of course lol.

Right, I do believe I just wrote about 3 posts in one, that should hold you until I get around to reading what you've all been up to. I have been in and out of your sites from time to time, not as frequently as usual, but I've been there all the same. I realise you understand the reason behind this of course...Walker's visit, summer, working etc...but mark it well, I'll be back my friends.

Yep, I'll be back for sure...just you wait and see.

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