Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Bet you thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth huh?

Unfortunately for you...I'm still here lol

As you can imagine Walker and I have been very busy getting reacquainted.

In some ways for me it's been more of an adjustment than I was expecting.

Normally, each day I'm up at around 6am, get my mocca poured, sit down here, check my comments, read your blogs, possibly write a post, whatever.

The past week I'm getting up at 6am....and so is Walker. Why can't he stay in bed longer?? I already know the answer to that question. Because he's not used to being asleep at that time, that's why. It's very strange to have someone else around at that time of the day for me. I told him the other day "I'm just not used to having conversations with someone at this hour of the day".

The second day he was here, we went shopping for the last of the supplies we needed for New Years Eve....we went out at 7.15am to avoid crowds. Seems this is becoming a habit for me of late. Walker said "Right, we'll go do this shopping and when we come home I won't talk to you ok?" lol

I know you don't want a whole lot of sordid details as to what we've been up to, but I will tell you that the very first night....I ended up sleeping in Cameron's bed. And that was purely because he was SO exhausted from flying all that way and not sleeping for almost 3 days, he snored so damn loudly I knew it was better I moved....as opposed to harming one of your favourite bloggers. Keeping you all in mind, and thinking about the hate e-mail I'd get after commiting such a felony....I left my bed at 1.30am and crawled into Cam's empty one. Bet that's not what you were expecting to hear huh? lol Just for the record, he doesn't snore usually....but I'm sure we can all have a bloody good go at lifting the rooftops when we're that exhausted.

Another adjustment thingy I've been dealing with as far as the bed is concerned...I'm getting close to sewing the top sheet to the mattress. The man moves around so much, bunching the duvet and sheets all over the place, it's driving me insane. (I must add, he's making quite the effort to stop doing this.) If there's one thing I can't handle, it's having the sheets all messed and bunched around my feet....they've gotta be smooth....straight....I don't care what the rest of the bed's like....it can be all messed to hell as far as the rest of my body is concerned. But my feet? No, no, no....them there sheets have gotta be smoooooth.

I don't rightly know how he's dealing with having extra people around him at the moment....after reading this post, I may get a better idea via his own blog lol. I do know he's loving Wellington so far. We've been to several lookout spots so he can gaze down on the city at different angles and take pictures. Been out for dinner a few times...had others over here. He's met all my special friends, including my baby-mate, the adorable curly-headed Jaimee. She may look small, and indeed she is, but she has a huge personality...tantrums and cheekiness included.

As Walker's already mentioned in his own post, the wind really battered the house yesterday. We were rocking and rolling around here watching the lawn furniture moving and the limbs on the trees snapping. Once I saw the BBQ cover ballooning up, that was enough to get me dressed and attempt to go and save it. How dare the wind think it can mess with MY barbeque cover??!! I was slipping my shoes on before opening the door...and promptly got told I wasn't going out there, that he would go instead.

In some cases, this would have been welcome and although I left my shoes off and he went outside, I was feeling a mix of emotions about it. I'm used to doing these things on my own, I'm not used to having someone else step in and do them...and I'm certainly not used to anyone else telling me what I can or can't do. Regardless of how kind it was and how much he was concerned for my safety, it still annoyed the crap out of me. Yeah, I get kinda stompy about that.

So, ya see, there's a bit more adjusting to be done for me. I need to relax more and perhaps...just perhaps....let someone else call the shots every now and then. For a successful relationship on any level with anyone, there's always give and take involved right? It's gotta be a control thing going on for me....it usually is. I never realised how much I can dig my heels in when it comes to my personal space and surroundings.

Here you have two strong-minded people...both used to doing things their way, and both not used to anyone else calling the shots besides themselves. I have to say, from outside appearances, he seems to be dealing with it much better than I. Either that or he's just a calmer type of person and I've become anal-retentive without noticing. Bollocks to that lol.

In bed the other night:


Me: "Hey, I just farted"
Him: "That's alright dear"
Me: "Yeah...I can blog about it tomorrow."

See? I may not be here much at the moment, but even in bed you lot are in my thoughts. That's good right? Yeah it's good.

Trust me...*cough*...it's ALL good.
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