Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh Dear...Not Again

I know I'm being an incredibly slack blog pal. I've barely been in to read your posts recently, and although my intention has been good, I have to admit my body is feeling somewhat tired and wants to slouch in front of the telly, or go to bed early, rather than be upright and attentive in front of the PC.

It's like this ya see. As some of you will know (or perhaps you have blocked it out of your memories, I can respect that)....my body is not what it used to be. And I'm not talking about shape and gravity and all that stuff. I aint even gonna touch on that side of things. But I will say there's a fair amount of shit happening with my bod these days. Or not happening with it. I can go months on end without a menstrual period. Have it for a few days, and then it disappears for another few months til it feels safe to return I guess, who the hell knows?

Anyways, let's get down to the nitty gritty, cos it's been awhile since I went that far. My body is rebelling in some oddly strange way at the moment. The day that Walker touched down in Wellington airport...that's the day my period decided to show itself....more to the point....it's continued to hang around ever since.

Yeah yeah, I can hear you all laughing at the irony of it all. Just when we think it's gone...bang!....it's back in full force the next day. This, as you can imagine, has restricted certain activities....the quality of such activities, not to mention the regularity of aforementioned activities.

Last Friday morning saw me in my doctor's office. Not my usual doctor...he's a male, and as comfortable as I feel with him, even after all these years, I still haven't dropped my knickers for him yet. So when it comes to my female bottom bits, I see a lady. She takes a look and says "hm, can't say I've seen anything like that before, I'll take some swabs" ????!!!! I tell her that that is not what I want to hear. I wanted to come in, spread 'em and hear "Oh right, yes I know exactly what's going on."

Later Friday afternoon I had to work for a few hours...and before I left work, I was in my colleague's office, wanting answers. But with my panties intact. I explained, and she laughed about the fact that I finally had the opportunity to get a bit of somethin' somethin', yet was getting almost basically nothin' nothin'. Yeah right...go ahead...laugh your head off...bitch.

While I was in Canada, my body did a similar thing. For birth control I had my very first depo provera injection. In most cases, besides the prime object of protection, this will stop menstrual periods for the entire 3 months that it covers you. For some, you bleed the entire time....others have horrendous side affects, terrible cramps etc. It appears I'm one of the bleeders. I had the 'depo' 3 weeks before I left for Canada, started bleeding after the first week, spoke to my doctor, who gave me some hormone tablets to stop the bleeding...and although it stopped, the extra medication on top of everything else I needed to take, eventually gave me a yeast infection.

After finding out about the yeast infection from Walker's doctor, I shuddered later and said to him "Eeeww, you ate that!"...."Yeah, but you fed it to me!"...."Hm, true enough" *blush*. Yep, some of the juicy stuff is coming out now eh? ok, bad choice of words there.

The other day I told Walker I must be allergic to him. The two common denominators in each instance are Walker, and the injection. Obviously we don't really believe that my body has an adverse reaction to him...so it's gotta be that damn injection. Needless to say I won't be using it again. This non-stop stuff is pretty draining, I feel like I'm dragging myself around the house half the day and working the other half. It's quite exhausting really. My mother always had problems with her cycle. She'd go two weeks on, two weeks off...no wonder she was so crabby most of the time lol.

So, there ya go...if you were expecting a raunchy post at any stage, this might just have to be it....kinda....sorta. Sorry about the absence of heavy panting and descriptions of nakedness etc...but if we're struggling to deal with the lack of it...then it only seems fair that others should too. lol
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