Friday, January 13, 2006

One Year Down and More Chocolate To Come

Amongst all the hoorah of christmas, Walker's arrival and the dawning of a brand spanking New Year, something escaped my attention.

My one year blogging anniversary has come and gone...just like that...*woosh*.

Now somewhere on someone's site I saw what can only be interpreted as a meme. Something about listing the months gone by and filling in the first line from each of those posts. So, with that in mind, and regardless of the possibility I'm going to be breaking that particular meme's rules (cos I have no idea really, just flying by the seat of my pants)...that's what my post of today will consist of. But I have changed it slightly....I'm going to find the first post from each month, and give you the last line.

I actually started blogging at the end of December 2004, for some reason it only lists my archives as starting at January. So be it. Some of these lines are not going to make a lot of sense to some of you (or any of you), but I'm sure you'll cope eh? Too bad if you don't, I'm pushed to think of anything else to write today lol.

January '05
Anyone who wants to add their opinion about my crappy situation, feel free, I think I could do with a good smack in the head.

9. I hate the fact that I seem to be coughing more disgusting is that??!

4 hours of utter bitch, but worth it in the end.

Do you think they'd get picked up by airport security and their xray machines? *wriggle wriggle*

"Which one of you do I need to punish for leaving the door open?"

I'll blame it on the fact I haven't taken my medication yet this morning.

Anyway, enough blabbering about that...I gotta go....I've got some fast talking and heavy breathing to make up for.

Right, I'm off to navigate through the debris on 14's bedroom floor, in the dark, stumble my way to his bedside, and check on how he's feeling.

The fact that he then pulled the vacuum cleaner out to hoover the lounge may have helped.

I know my brain waves must've gone from flat lining on the screen to jumping right off the scale after processing THAT question.

What a transformation.

I've still been getting around reading you as often as I can, I obviously don't always comment, but I have been yeah...I can see you afterall!

January 06
Trust me...*cough*'s ALL good.

So, there it is, wonderful or otherwise, my first year of blogging. Thank you to all of you for keeping me company over the past 12 months. It's been fabulous meeting you and sharing in your lives. I appreciate the time and effort you've made to comment on my life and the chaos that sometimes erupts within it.

*raises glass*

Here's to us....cheers! *clink*


*throws confetti and streamers as the balloons cascade down from the ceiling*


Walker and I are going up to my sister's orchard tomorrow to spend the weekend amongst apple trees and rural living. We're also going to stop off at the chocolate factory, cos their chocolate rocks and if it's brown and sweet, then it's all good. I'm sorry that Barnaby Bear hasn't arrived in time for me to take photos of him rolling around in chocolate for Jo and all her kiddies.

And speaking of kiddies....the young man from downstairs turned up last night with a beautiful wee bundle in his arms. A new Dad, beaming with pride, showing off his baby girl. I have to say she sure is gorgeous, and I was touched that he brought her upstairs to share her with us. Mum was in labour for 24 hours (holy hell) and delivered at 7.30am Wed morn....right in time for Dad's birthday. Man, he was rapt with that birthday present I can tell you. Her name is Yena...I think it's German because Mum is German, and I do believe her family arrive from there next month.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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