Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Me: "So, you do love that I'm the one that's your mother, right?"
Cameron: "Uh...."
Me: "You have to anyway, cos I already blogged about"
Cameron: "Yeah but..."
Me: "But YOU told that me that...you said you loved that I was your mother"
Cameron: *smirking* "Mum, things might have changed since then"


*Cellphone rings*
Me: "Hello?"
Alice: "You are a terrible bear sitter!"
Me: "Eh?"
Alice: "The biggest teddy event in Wellington and Barnaby missed out."
Me: "Oh?"
Alice: "The teddy bear's picnic was held at the Botanical Gardens on Sunday. You should've taken Barnaby along."
Me: "Oh damn, I didn't realise...."
Alice: "Just google it, find a photo and label it "Barnaby was here"...in amongst all those teddy bears, they won't be able to tell anyway."


Anna and Jason have already made the 6 hour trek up north to Rotorua in preparation for the nuptials this coming weekend.

*Her cellphone rings*
Anna: *sounding exhausted* "Hi"
Me: "Hi Cookie, how's it all going? You doing ok?"
Anna: "I've just hung out all the best mens shirts and found out I've left Jason's behind at home in the closet."
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