Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Meme by Any Other Name Still Smells as Sweet?

I've been tagged by Mr Haney, who was tagged by Mrs Lifecruiser, who was tagged by Jenny, who is someone I don't know and haven't read enough about yet (although I did notice she's got a lovely picture postcard of NZ on her most recent post, I'm liking her already)...but I will read more, if only to find out who tagged her, and follow the trail right back to the meme originator. Then I'm going to....well, never mind what I'm going to do...but it's not going to be pretty.

Nah, just kidding...I know some of you LOVE doing these bloody things. lol

I still have two other memes I haven't completed yet. One from Fizzy and one from Skye....I really haven't forgotten. Honest...I've just stuff. But seeing as I have all this extra time to play with myself, now might be a good time to try completing them.

Anyway, enough of that...onto the most recent meme!

Four jobs I've had:

1. Hot Dog vendor. When I was 13 I managed to land a job when the International Circus came to town for two weeks. I used to go home each night reeking of grease and hot dogs. My mother would basically make me soak in the bath when I got home...and she always made sure there was plenty of fresh fruit for me to eat while I was in there. I'm sure she thought I did nothing but eat what I sold all those hours. Course, the novelty of eating those things wore off after the first day. lol

2. Tea Lady in the Geriatric Ward at the hospital. I was 15. Each day after school I would make cups of tea and clear the dinner dishes from the ward. It was a very interesting job, with some not so wonderful 'views' lol. I really enjoyed getting to know the patients and listening to some of the stories they would tell.

3. Shorthand Typist for the Red Cross Society. A very interesting position that opened my eyes big time to the suffering of those less fortunate in third world countries. The stories of war (not to mention photos) that our nurses brought back from overseas were horrific.

4. Secretary for a Construction firm. Besides my current position of medical receptionist, this is possibly the job I enjoyed the most. I liked working in a 'down to earth' environment and later branched off with one of the managers to start up an interior refurbishment subsidiary in the position of office manager. And that's where I stayed until I became pregnant with Cameron.

Incidentally, I thought that once I got pregnant I would never have to work again. At times I couldn't wait to get pregnant so I could stay at home as long as I wanted being a lady of luxury. OMG, how dillusional is that ???!

Four movies I can watch over and over:

1. Pretty Woman
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. Love Actually
4. Forrest Gump

Four places I have lived:

1. Wellington
2. Wellington
3. Wellington
4. Wellington

(What?? I haven't 'lived' anywhere else, different suburbs, yes...but all in Wellington.)

Four TV programmes I love(d):

1. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
2. ER
3. Third Watch
4. Desperate Housewives

Four places I've vacationed:

1. Vegas
2. Canada
3. Nelson (south island NZ)
4. Rotorua, Hamilton, Auckland (north island NZ)

I haven't been many places...yet!

Four of my favourite dishes:

1. Seafood Chowder
2. Vegetarian Lasagne (only my recipe though lol)
3. Hot apple pie and vanilla icecream
4. Crayfish Mornay

Four sites I visit daily:

1. Chez le Laquet
2. Female of the Species
3. Fizzy's Place
4. Happiness is a Good Nap
5. Lost Here and Beyond
6. Magpie's Den
7. Peanut Queen's Lair
8. Ramblin On

I can't just put up four. At a push I'm only giving 8. I really should update my blogroll, in fact I think I'll devote some time to doing exactly that tonight.

Four places I'd rather be right now:

1. Sitting outside in the sun with my sister at the orchard in Otaki.
2. Swinging on the loveseat with my friend Sheryl at her house in Hamilton. (They have the most calming and glorious view.)
3. Drifting in a longboat through the Broads in Norfolk.
4. Sitting down to dinner with my Mum and Dad in Motueka.

(Can you tell there's a need for some kind of calming and nuturing influence at the moment? I went to see my GP last week...apparently he thinks I'm rather stressed out...even my blood pressure is way up there...go figure.)

My motto:

"How hard can it be?"

Four people I am tagging:

1. Kassi's Kingdom

I suspect that those that have wanted to do this, have done it already, I've seen it out and about on a few of the sites I read.

So I shant be tagging anyone. Unless of course, you really really want to do this, shout out in my comments and I'll edit this and tag ya! OR, you could just go ahead and do it!

Blimey, that was a long one wasn't it? Shame on you Mr Haney, you knew I couldn't possibly turn you down!
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