Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Wedding

What a brilliant day.

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First out was Samantha carrying Jaimee, her hair in natural ringlets, who had refused to walk due to all the excitement, she'd insisted on being carried with her small basket of rose petals. Considering her age, noone was expecting her to do exactly what was required. They were followed by Natalie walking with River, Jason's nephew and the ring bearer. There were 6 bridesmaids altogether, all gorgeous.

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Then of course came the bride...her father proudly escorting her.

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The ceremony was held at the Duxton Hotel in Rotorua, alongside Lake Rotoiti. The day was beautiful and hot, the backdrop picture perfect. The Minister was Anna's paternal grandfather, which also made it particularly special.

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Unfortunately Jason's parents passed away a few years ago (within months of each other, very sad). Due to their absence, a candle was lit by the couple before the ceremony began. At the reception later a large photo of them was placed on the mantel beside the candle. During the course of the evening other family members spoke on behalf of Jason's parents, speaking of how proud they would have been to welcome Anna into their "whanau" (family).

After the announcement of "husband and wife" the couple walked back across the park to be stopped in their tracks by Jason's three brothers performing a traditional maori haka, backed up by his aunt and cousin singing the high pitched ladies chant. It is an honour to have a haka performed "at" you during an occasion.

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There are various types of hakas and although most of the world have heard of the All Blacks usual 'challenge' haka before they take on opponents prior to a rugby game, this was obviously different. In laymens terms, quick translation (in Lisa fashion)...."we hold you in highest regard...respect all you do....you are worthy of all things great....our hearts, our souls are dedicated to your future life." The boys did their culture proud, the performance filled with passion and love for their brother and new sister-in-law.

I'm sitting here with the wedding music playing over and over in my headset while I write this and trying to avoid getting emotional at the same time, hahaha.

I got to stand centre stage for a few short minutes as I read the poem Anna had chosen. I had tried for several months to write something appropriate, then Anna rang me to say she'd found something she loved. That was it, I was off the hook lol. I had spoken with Cameron and told him that should I look like I was going to crumble in a sobbing, hiccuping mess, he was going to have to come forward and continue on. It was only right, he was the head of our family male-wise.

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After practising it on the boys, as they lay in bed that morning, Cameron said "Oh my God, that is SO mushy...you better not cry today Mum, there's no way I'm going to get up and read those words." If push came to shove he would've done it, but I didn't cry....I stood beside Anna, we did the "hand-squeeze" thing and I completed my task. Cameron told me later how proud of me he was, and especially pleased I hadn't fallen to pieces during it lol. (I can't believe we never took any photos of my kids! pah)

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time. The speeches were heart-felt and warming to all....hilarious and creative. Jason ended his speech saying how especially beautiful his wife looked today and proudly waving the marriage certificate...."I own her now, I have the ownership papers to prove it" lol

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