Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's Alive!

Dropping the boys off to school this morning, I made my way directly to the supermarket. I don't have a particular day that I do the grocery shopping anymore. In fact, lately I've been leaving it to the moment when I absolutely HAVE to go. You know, like when we run out of toilet paper or something equally as important.

I was staring bleary eyed through the glass at the raw diced chicken, thinking about dinner, when I was abruptly woken up by the sound of the butcher bellowing across the counter "GOOD MORNING! HOW ARE YOU TODAY?!" This man was sunny and helpful and the volume of his voice accosted my still sleeping senses.

What is it with these men? Have you ever noticed how cheerful and smiley butchers seem to be? They're always so pleased to see you, and I don't think it has anything to do with how appealing we may we're standing there with our hair trussed back, woolly sweater, track pants and slippers on (yeah I know, quite the lovely visual isn't it?).

You know what I think? I think that because they have to deal with so much raw dead meat all day, that when a live 'one' comes into focus, they joyfully leap at the chance of spending time with it.

So, I reckon, if you're ever having a downer of a day, go visit your local butchery....those guys will make you feel so damn pleased to be alive, you'll be turning cartwheels down the aisles! But may I suggest you don't visit if you're feeling hungover? Oh and make sure you're wearing panties, you don't want to put the other shoppers off acquiring their food supplies. Hungry families to be fed an' all that.

Or, you could always do what I was thinking today and bellow back "WHO MADE YOU THE SUNSHINE FAIRY OF THE DAY?? SHUT THE HELL UP!" lol
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