Friday, March 03, 2006

Making New Friends Can Be Tough

A few months ago I made a new friend...his name is Mark.

Mark comes to me courtesy of MasterCard.

Mark rings me each month for a lovely chat....this always consists of "If you could just put the minimum amount of $[blah] on it, you'll be ok until next month".

See how much he cares for me?


Today I made another new friend....his name is Daniel.

Daniel has become very attached to my home. He is a man of many hats. He brings gifts. He shuffles things around to make good things happen for me. And because I think he's so wonderful, I introduced him to my mate Mark.

Daniel comes to me courtesy of my local banking branch.

I now have a new fixed interest rate on my mortgage, AND a very cheerful Mark at the same time.

I think that means I've just lost Mark's friendship...he will be out there searching around making new friends I suppose.

I have not made any friends, new or old, at the Inland Revenue Department....yet.

But...I'm wearing them has become my mission to force my friendship on them.

Could be a tough not hold my breath on this one.
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