Saturday, March 18, 2006

My, How Things Have Changed.

I'm back.

Not sure for how long, but seeing as this is free, I can't be jumping up and down complaining about it really can I? Besides, I know the people at Blogger will be working their little butts off to return our regularly scheduled programme back to normal!

For the time being I'm going to post an HNT pic for the weekend....a pic I would've posted yesterday had I been able to get here. lol

No, that is not my bed. No, those aren't my naughty ornaments. And no, those handcuffs don't belong to me. But...yes, those are my hands, so it's within the guidelines of HNT right? Oh and one more...No, this picture was not taken under the circumstances you might be thinking. Unfortunately I don't have any green for St Patrick's Day in it (which was a requirement this week)...but I was married to a Patrick once, AND that's gotta count for having plenty of irish bloodstock in me over the years I reckon lol. day last week I noticed my hit counter shot up over 250 hits in less than half an hour...after taking a quick look in my stats, I discovered that not only was someone scrolling through my archives and posts at a great rate of knots, but it was my very own IP address that was doing it.

After further investigation it turned out that Ryan was hunting for a photo of himself, and rather than come out of his bedroom, he thought it easier to ask Cameron for my web address and find a photo on my site.

Should either of them come back to take a look, I've posted one specially for them. This is one sure way of getting them out of their bedrooms, even if it is to rush out here and yell at me lol.

And just in case you need the reminder...this is what they look like now...

I've just recently dropped Cameron off at work (at the bakery), and now that I know it's possible to get into my page, I'm going back to bed for more sleep.

Goodnight, good morning, or good afternoon, depending on when you read this.

Happy HNT and have a great weekend everyone!
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