Sunday, March 26, 2006

You Can Leave Your Hat On

When I was visiting my sister with Alice a month or so ago, my sister brought out this brown fuzzy hat to show us. Apparently she wears it in the shower instead of a shower cap. Her husband walked into the bathroom one morning to find his wife in the shower, fuzzy hat on her head. He raised his hands saying "Don't tell me...I don't even want to know".

My sister has beautiful long curly hair....she hates it (of course she does, if it were straight she'd want it curly right?). So every so many days she does the ardous task of getting out the GHD and straightening her hair. If you know anything about straightening your own hair at home, you would know, that when it gets wet, the curl comes back. Sproing! So to protect her straightness, she wears the only thing she found that she could stuff her hair up into.

Now, I don't have a shower cap either, and if I'm not washing my hair in the shower that day, I pin it back with a claw clip, go about my business and for the most part my hair doesn't get that wet. But, then the hat idea took hold in my mind...what a great way to keep ALL my hair dry!

Cameron's beanie fell mercy to my charms.

I stuffed all my hair up into that woollen knitted hat, made sure it was completely covered....and yes, I did look like a right wally and was happy that noone was home to see me looking that way. I hopped in the shower, didn't worry about how I moved or bent over (to shave my legs you cretins, why ELSE would I be doing that??...don't answer that). The hat worked perfectly, what a brilliant sister I have!

Ryan came home after school that day with a new friend. I'm not sure what it is about that kid and his home, but anytime he has someone new to the house, he feels it's his duty to show them each and every room in the place.

So while I'm standing in my bedroom, nothing but a towel draped across the front of me, woolly beanie still resident on my head, the door is flung open to the sound of

"And THIS is my mother's bedroom"....

Three bodies freeze.

"Oh....hi Mum.....this is Josh. Josh, this is my..uh...Mum, Lisa." *blush*

*Josh waves* "Hi Mrs K"

"Hi's nice to meet you."

"Yeah..well...anyway, we've got things to do now...see ya"

Door shuts firmly. I sigh with relief...

Door swings open again just as fast.

"By the way Mum..."


*clears throat* "Nice hat"
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