Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It has come to my notice, that I am now blocked, banned and deleted...



On first discovering my new status of nothingness, and feeling slightly put out by the dramatics of it all...something suddenly dawned on me....there is in fact a wonderful positive side to this turn of events.

I now have the freedom to say what I want without dealing with any repercussions of threatening emails or nasty innuendos via IM. I no longer need to be concerned that former confidences I've shared about my close friends or family will be blasted across the page for all to make judgement upon. Especially when they're lacking in facts, yet puffed up beyond recognition with exaggeration.

But we all have the right to say what we want on our pages right? And we all respect each others right to do so. And although I have indeed said a few things on here about how I've felt concerning past matters, I don't believe I've ever been disrespectful or nasty about it (although my last comment over there could be seen as such. That unfortunately was me overreacting due to past emotional attachment...sorry about day I hope to get over myself). Just the fleeting mention of some things has caused a bit of a rumble.

Til now that is...because now I can relax and know that I will not be taken out of context or misunderstood, I can say and write about whatever I bloody well please. If you ever don't understand what I say on here or you want more information, you only need ask...I really do hate assumptions being made. You wanna know? Ask the question.

I can also occasionally mention the new man in my life. Yes, I do have one...on what level I'm not sure yet...but that has been purely my choice. He's keenly turning cartwheels to make things happen at the moment...but I've learnt a valuable lesson from my most recent experience and am not rushing in blindly again. It's early days and although my friendship with this man spans several years, and we've had numerous ups and downs...I'm not in any great hurry to repeat the past.

Besides, I'm a different woman now than I was back then...I am emotionally stronger and less tolerant of temper tantrums and crap. I no longer fall apart at the slightest glitch or disagreement and I'm no longer biting my tongue to keep the peace.

And so a special message for the Deleter/Banner/Blocker Extraordinaire...

I thank you for giving me back my freedom.'s my my words.

I told you didn't I? It really IS all about me!
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