Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Star is Born

Several weeks ago I made a halfhearted attempt at sorting out my blogroll. I wanted to put you all in order without messing around with my template and I wanted to do it in such a way that I would know when you had put up a new post....as opposed to me going in and out of pages hunting these newly updated gems down. There's a lot of work involved in clicking in and out of pages keeping track...I know you know this.

I approached the lovely Lisa over at "Happiness Is A Good Nap" because I could see she had it together and I humbly asked for assistance. She was wonderfully helpful, pointed me in the direction of Blogrolling.com and away I went.

I sat here and painstakingly entered each and every one of your links, typing the name of your sites, one after the other. I think there's an easier way to do it, possibly a drag and drop method, but I couldn't be bothered finding the instructions. Besides, I was in no mood to be reading what to do....I'm an impatient son of a bitch, I thought I already knew better than the programme itself...I would just force it to do my bidding.

I completed the task....hit the button to save it....and opened up my site to gaze proudly at my hard work......nothing. Not..one..iota..of a difference. There you all were, in your usual attire, staring back at me innocently. I resorted to my secret weapon...eyes shooting lazers, I rained the "death stare" upon you, willing you to change.


You really are such a naughty blogroll.

And then, I had a small crisis invade my already flailing brain function....and after bashing my head on the desk a few times, I threw my hands in the air....and decided I'd look at it another time, when I might see it with a more positive and winning attitude.

So...here we are almost two months later...and I see on Jo's comments at Chez la Laquet, that Fizzy is showing off because she's getting blogrolling....I'm thinking "OK, maybe now's the time to have another look at this"...nothing like some healthy competition with a worthy opponent to get the motor running right?

The fact of the matter is, I'd forgotten about it, and seeing that comment just reminded me. So don't get ya knickers in a twist, The Fabulous Fizz and I are not about to square off and end up in a wrestling match. You men can stop getting excited and preparing the mud you think is a necessary commodity under such circumstances.

Anyway, it's done now. I revisited the site today, and actually found the required code to put in my template (like DUUHH! What an absolute dickhead I am to think it was going to work without it!).

As far as the asteriskes next to some of your names are concerned...that's a probation period indicator. I'm doing a special reading survey and waiting to see if it's worth keeping those ones on. There is no discrimination...no site is exempt from this exercise...as time goes on you will notice that the star will switch to other names as I research the matter with meticulous precision. Once I've collated the information, I will make the decision as to whether I hit the delete key or not....propelling the banished links into the depths of the bloggy dungeon.


Man, you're a volatile lot aren't you??

Those asteriskes, in theory, are supposed to let me know when you've updated your blog....if you've put up a new post in the past 24 hours it will put a little star next to your name, and then all I have to do is trot on over there and read you. And if you hover your mouse over a name, it's supposed to tell you the date that that particular site was last updated. Brilliant eh?? Yeah I think so too.

Problem is if you hover over Chez la Laquet at the moment, it says Jo last updated on the 30th of March...which I know is certainly not the case. So I either did something wrong, or it doesn't like Jo, or there's a glitch in the system. I couldn't possibly have done something wrong...and we all love Jo to pieces...so it has to be a glitch. I will eventually figure out how it works and tweak it a little this way and that and then probably screw it up and have to start all over again.

For now...let's just pretend it's working perfectly and give me a round of applause.

*The crowd goes wild*

Thank you...Thank you very much.
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