Friday, April 07, 2006

Tired but Blingy

I'm taking some time off work. Well, not loads of time, just a week. And it's the week leading up to Easter (that's next week in case you were wondering). Which means the boys will still be at school. God help them if either of them decide they're feeling unwell on ANY of those days. I've told them, that unless they're vomitting or there is blood present, they will be attending school regardless.

To be honest, I'm really looking forward to the time off. I can feel the frustration and irritation working it's way up inside me when I'm dealing with a particularly difficult patient. All the people I'm dealing with at the moment feel like difficult patients. My patience is being stretched to the end of it's tether. The energy I use up trying to keep my cool is starting to drain me. The next person that rings me on a Monday morning to register their family of 5, just because they can, could possibly get the phone hung up in their ear lol Do not ring your medical centre unless you really need us on a Monday morning!

Problem is of course, they're only getting themselves organised, and I can't blame them for that. Some Mondays I just ask for their name and number and if they'd mind me ringing back later in the day when it's less frantic. Other Mondays I wonder how I manage to continue smiling and keeping the frustration out of my voice.

So, yeah, I'm taking some time out and I'm counting down the hours til the end of today's (Friday) shift. The boys go to their Dad's tonight, so my 'holiday' will have a lovely kick start with a child-free weekend. Not that I don't love them both to pieces of course, but the thought of all that silence sounds magnificent to me.

In other news, I've bought a new ring. It's very pretty and has plenty of a girl's best friend in it...I haven't worn diamonds since my husband left the house...I decided it was time I got to wear them again. I had it resized to fit the middle finger on my left hand and it fits perfectly. Course, the day after I started wearing it, I broke the fingernail of that finger...and seeing as I can't stand having fingernails different sizes, I chopped the lot off. So now I have short stubby fingers wearing diamonds *sigh*

I mentally justified the purchase by saying it was a 40th birthday present to myself (yeah I know, I'm 10 months late lol) and I've finally made friends with the Inland Revenue Department. Yay!

I know it looks rather blingy, but the diamonds are little wee ones (or I wouldn't be able to afford it lol), and I've had a variety of feedback about it. Most have admired it....Anna on the other hand looked at me and said, "OMG! You naughty, naughty girl!"....Cameron surprised me by saying "How did you KNOW they were having a sale??" Apparently he's been throwing away any junkmail from the letterbox that has anything to do with jewellery on it. How devious! lol.

BUT...I got to the letterbox first the other day, and I found my favourite jewellery store's latest catelogue there, and I have already got my eye on another ring. I don't know what I'm thinking....I couldn't afford the first one, let alone another lol. A small lottery win would be nice right now.

Whether I actually do anything about it, is another story of course...but it is cheaper than the one I'm already wearing and I like the idea of it sitting on the index finger of my right hand.

Not that I'll be telling Cameron (or Anna) that lol.
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