Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yes? No? I Don't Know.

One of my best friends and my ex-husband have some kind of thing going on between's nothing that's come to fruition...yet. But it's there all the same...the flirty banter, some of it outrageously obvious...some of it more subtle. But the body language between them is starting to speak volumes.

Now, both these people have just recently come out of other long term relationships...and at the beginning I was pleased that they were 'stroking' each others egos. You know? Helping each other through difficult and complicated times. Nothing wrong with that I was good to see them both supporting each other and building a new friendship.

I love them both...I want them to be happy. If that means they're happy by eventually becoming a couple, then so be it. What say have I in the matter anyway? I know, they both know, it's important they have some time out from a heavier relationship of any kind. Neither of them are ready for anything of great significance right now. They've both said so enough times.

But sometimes things happen. People get closer and intimate with each other (and I don't mean in a sexual sense), as they go about using that support network to survive the rougher times. And sometimes, beyond all rhyme or reason, something grows out of that. Something stronger and deeper. So there's always that possibility.

I have to admit, I would feel a little odd if they did in fact get together...whether it be for a fling or something more substantial. Either/or would likely be an adjustment for me in some way. Even after all the years of seperation from my husband. I don't think it would be a jealousy as such....Lord knows I've been sitting on the sidelines encouraging them both in subtle and not so subtle ways lol.

I might end up getting my nose out of joint because if these two become an item, I'll get fed up if he starts monopolising her time. She's a classy lady...she's my buddy, my confidante, my sounding board....the one I trust enough to handcuff me to the bed. He's the father of my children, has seen me in just about every possible situation and position (oo eer)...I trust him with the lives of my sons, yet not enough to handcuff me to the bed. There's something wrong with that lol.

I spoke to my other sounding board last night.

Me: "How would you feel if Al and Dad got together?"
Cam: "Well, it wouldn't bother me. Both my parents are single, I know that at some stage I'm going to have to adjust to them having someone else come into their lives again. Besides, I like Alice, she's cool."
Me: "Yes she is, I'm glad you think so too..."
Cam: "I don't mind who you end up hooking up with...either of you. Long as they don't mess with me and tell me how to live my life or what to do...I'm happy if you're happy."
Me: "So...can you actually see Al and Dad together as a couple?"
Cam: "No...not really...but more importantly, how would you feel about it?"
Me: "Dunno really...think it would seem a little weird at first, but eventually I'd get used to it."
Cam: "Dunno...*deep in thought*...I think he might deserve her" [haha, loyalty to Alice as opposed to Dad, I love it lol]
Me: "Anyway, might not happen...besides, she could see a different side to your Dad this weekend."
Cam: "How do you mean?"
Me: " when he takes his teeth out...I forgot to tell her about that lol"

They've gone away (seperately) to stay overnight on Saturday at a mutual friend's caravan section up north...there'll be two other people as well, and I think they'll all have a great time socialising together...all easy going people, good company. And yes I will admit that I have wondered a couple of times about how it's going. Long as they both return in one piece, I'll be happy.

Because as you's always all about me. lol
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