Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alphabetising Myself - Take Two

N - New. New man in my life (well, an old man, but new beginning). New body (to come haha), new highlights (refer H below), and generally a new outlook on life.

O - Obliterate. What I want to do with any negative vibes I sometimes feel regarding past issues or present circumstances. Am looking at acquiring an Oozy or a bazOooka to achieve this.

P - Pajamas. Pink fleecy ones at that. And as Alice says "Pink PJs Rock!". And she's right, because with the cold down here in NZ right now, they've certainly earned their place in my bed at night.

Q - Questions. Too many still floating around in my head. Some will never be answered, others will eventually be answered given some time. One that I've been known to ask a bit over the years is "Why is it, for someone SO intelligent, you can still do such dumbass stuff??" And saying that, I could easily be the receiver of that myself (except the "SO" intelligent bit lol)

R - Respect. To respect others, have them give me that respect and to respect myself. I think once we've got that firmly into perspective, we're halfway to learning the meaning of life...which is 42...just saying.

S - Statcounter. Someone is scrolling their way through my archives. And not just any archives but looking for HNT pics. Now, I only participated in HNT (Half-Nekkid-Thursday) about 3 or 4 times...that's hardly worth the effort of digging around in my past blog stuff.

So, it being a Thursday now, I'll save them the's the first ever HNT pic I posted...and possibly the second largest argument I ever had with my ex boyfriend.

T - Toast. I raise my glass and toast all of you that have managed to read this far, considering I'm struggling to put the second half of the alphabet together. Bravo, and thank you *clink*

U - Uniforms. On policemen, firemen, army, navy, airforce, marines etc. I enjoy perving at all of them. No matter what height, size or shape, they all get my heart rate up!

V - Visualisation....and having a healthy (or quirky) imagination. This has helped me get through my past and present relationships. It keeps me going, thinking of how things could be when we do finally get together...and I now see it with a more realistic view...things don't always work out as we originally expect them to.

W - Whispers. In the dark...soft whispers of love...breathless words of passion spoken against his mouth....groaning with pleasure in his ear, as our bodies rock together in right along then...

X - X-ray. (well? there aren't that many to chose from ya know??) about x-ray vision? Very cool...especially when it involves those that fall under the category of U (see above).

Y - Yield. To give yourself up to someone else completely. I yearn to have that feeling completely surrender myself, heart, body and soul, to that extra special someone who will cherish and respect what you're offering. Let's face it, it really isn't that easy to give yourself over to another person...the fear of what may or may not happen can get in the way.

Z - Zest...for life and love. Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I don't feel like putting out the energy, because there are definite times when I want to just sink into life and savour the comfort of what I DO know and not think about what I DON'T know. So I guess that could be seen as me not having any zest at all...oh dear lol.


Good heavens, that was difficult! Hope this half of the alphabet is not as hard for you to read, as it was for me to complete lol.

Hope you're all enjoying your Thursday!
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