Monday, May 22, 2006

Alphabetising Myself

Half a meme by any other name is still a meme.

A - Aneurysm. Something I told my ex husband he may the hope it would gently encourage him to get to the doctor lol

B - Boobs. These tend to get in your face when you're drying your hair...they get sore at certain times of the month...gravity takes over them when you get older. Generally...they can be seen as a damn nuisance.

C - Cry. This is what I do when I realise gravity REALLY has taken over my body parts. I do it while watching children I know and love perform on stage...sad movies, airport farewells, weddings, if my friends are hurting, if I'm hurting, etc etc. I'm good like that.

D - Dillusional. Description of my mental state when I think my body is not so bad afterall (in comparison to, say, an 80 year old's).

E - Excellence. Something that happens in other people's lives and I gave up striving toward years ago (refer B and D).

F - Fossils. Nuff said.

G - Generation Gap. Starting to become more and more noticeable between myself and my teenage sons.

H - Hair. Cutting, dying, plucking, shaving or waxing. Waxing is something I doubt I'll ever end up doing...because then I'd have to move this down to S for Screaming and then up to C for Crying...and then probably back to H for Hitting.

I - Ironing. hahahaha, whatever. *snort*

J - Jogging *laughs even harder* Unless we're talking about jogging one's memory, this word has no business being in my vocabulary.

K - Kiss. Been a while since the last one...looking forward to the next. Whoot!

L - Late nights. Too many of these make me a difficult person to deal with. I get real crabby and can't function properly. I'm temperamental, argumentative and just pretty much an all round nice kinda person.

M - Mothership. Still waiting on this to suck me up into the "never never". Some days I'm desperate for this to happen and keep looking out the window in anticipation.

That's all for today class. The rest will have to come when I have the time, the energy and the inclination. Right now I have to go cook dinner for the wolves bashing around in the pantry.

So...any questions?

Have a good day, night...oh, just have a good everything!
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