Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Body Bits

Well kinda...ok, not really...but they are bits of my I should be able to get away with that title.

I had a pedicure on Sunday afternoon....I reckon it's the bestest thing in the world to do on a Sunday after church...cleanse the soul, cleanse the feet. And if I were to attend church more than the occasional wedding, that would stack up quite well. But as it is, I don't go to church...which isn't to say that my soul is dirty...although it does have dirty tendencies at times...oh dear...I am SO digressing here.

Anyway....I usually get a french polish done on my toe's cute, and kinda poncy, and I like that. This time around I went for just a normal polish. I figured, I don't wear open toed shoes so much in the winter, so noone's gonna see them.

Except I went with such a funky sparkly colour that I found myself at work yesterday morning, pulling my shoe off and stretching the toe of my stocking tight so I could show it off to my work mates lol.

After seeing this pic, I'm wondering if I need to wax my it normal to have hairy toes like that? Unfortunately, waxing and I don't like each other's a pain threshold the hair will have to stay.

In other news...I bought a new ring...another one I's a little difficult to show on here but I've tried anyway. I've managed to take a pic of both of my new rings, alongside the two others I wear. I wear my newest ring on the 'ring' finger of my right's a pretty setting, 3 diamonds down the centre, not that you can tell of course. The bonus - it was cheaper than the first one lol.

Right, that's enough for today...I hope to get the chance to catch up with you all and comment before I leave for work today. Have a good day/night!
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