Monday, May 01, 2006


Friday night a small group of us gathered at Alice's to play cards and have a few drinks. My ex-husband, his best mate T, Al's brother, and another good female friend of ours. Besides Alice's brother and our friend Brenda, the rest of us have been together in some way or other before (um..that doesn't sound quite right)...we've been around at my ex's new home, had a few drinks and laughs, usually the kids included.

This was different...there were no teenagers in sight...just six adults....and a shit load of alcohol. Now I know where your minds may be going....6 adults - 3 men, 3 women....booze flowing freely....what's not to imagine?

But alas, your minds are wrong....(you dirty little beggars)

....and my fantasies were blown to smithereens.


In fact I left early....after a particularly trying shift at work that afternoon, I was knackered and out the door by 10.15pm wishing I had more stamina and that Cameron didn't need to be driven to work at 6am the following morning. I am, if nothing else, a diligent mother, dedicated to my son's blood pressure...he would've had a panic attack of the largest proportion if he woke to find he couldn't get his mother out of bed at 5.30am....and let's not even think how he'd react if he found my bed empty at that hour of the morning.

Leaving early sounds like it wasn't such a bad thing afterall if what I'd been told on Saturday was anything to go by. And I have no reason not to believe Alice...we are, if nothing else, completely dedicated to each other and discussing the nitty gritty of any possible situation. And trust me...*raises one eyebrow*...we really do get right down to it. When it comes to topics we talk about, there is nothing safe in our hands.

Nothing that is...except my ex-husband and the sexual side of him...with either of us...(that's not at the same time by the way lol)'s a subject we don't touch on...and under the circumstances it's best not to venture there. This situation is weird enough as it is, without that side of it being discussed.

Oh, that kinda looks like he's doing the deed with both of us lol....not so...I haven't been down that road with him for over 6 years it's just that? Good.

My male friend in England thinks they're both daft...he also said he thought Alice had more sense than that lol. I keep telling him I'm feeling ok with the whole thing...that we're all doing well with it, there's not been a lot of awkwardness etc. He said "Who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?" Sometimes it annoys me that he knows me so well...other times I love that he does.

On Friday night there was something that didn't sit well with me and he picked up on it....all those thousands of miles away. Did I tell you he has some kinda strange six sense thing going on? Yeah he does...he seems to be able to sense when I'm upset or unhappy. Maybe it's a change in the atmosphere. I'd like to think it's just the bloody weather lol...but his timing is always quite uncanny. Sometimes it's almost like he's watching over me...shame he can't touch me at the same time *snicker*.

Anyway, that Friday night thing...I won't bother going into detail because it was such a dumb thing to feel unsettled about. *blush* I came home more annoyed at myself for feeling irked by it rather than anything else.

But it did prove that I have a bit more adjusting to do about my ex-husband seeing my best friend, than first thought.
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