Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How You Doin'?

Listening to the radio yesterday, something caught my attention.

They were talking about some of the embarrassing things people do when a relationship comes to an end. For example....requesting love songs at a function you're both attending and making it really obvious by announcing over the microphone who it's for and "I loooove you sho much and pleeeeease shay we can shtay together *sob*... I really doo loooove you shoooo mush *sniff*" kinda thing.

Years ago, a boyfriend dumped me via email. His excuse was that he was having major problems with his ex wife. His son wanted to go and live with him, thus the ex was livid about losing her only son and was giving Dad a major rough time of it. Apparently. Anyway, I'm not one to just hang around when the weather's good, so I sent him back a lengthy email about how friends stick together and lend support at times like this, so take all the time he wanted...I'd wait til he got it sorted, and if he ever wanted to talk, I was there for him...blah blah bloody wasted breath blah.

He never replied. Bastard! Why didn't he just say that it wasn't working and he didn't want to continue seeing me? Simple. I would've been upset, but you can't make something work if it's only one on with life you go. After several days of no response I realised I was being ignored (and I SO hate that)...yep, he'd done one of those emails...and the fact that he couldn't be honest about it pissed me off big time. Truth be told, my relationship with him was like pushing a large fridge/freezer up a steep was hard work...I'd put a lot of effort in...and he had the cheek to dump me?? Pah! Ah well, shit happens.

Years and years and years ago...My boyfriend (now ex-husband) left me. I was devastated and fell to pieces. A few days later my cousin kindly came and stayed the weekend with me...we went into town...I got so horribly hammered, I was falling all over her in the back of the cab bawling like a baby. We slept in the same bed that night...I sobbed myself to sleep. I woke the following morning to find him asleep on the couch...he'd come home to stay. Hey, maybe crying really does work? Just doesn't...they hate it, so don't try it.

Anyway, my question to you is....have you ever done anything silly or crazy after a relationship has the hope of getting it back on track again? Maybe sending them your underwear in the mail, or stalking them all day and night waiting to be noticed? Maybe placing a small dead animal on their doorstep? (Not a good idea, then you'd have Stacy after you for sure lol.)

Besides a couple of drive-bys, I can't actually think of anything I've done in that respect that's noteworthy....but then maybe I've been so horrified with myself that I've blocked it from my memory, dunno, I'll have to think more on it.

So? Have you and if so, what'd you do? and furthermore...did it work??
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