Monday, June 05, 2006

"5 Things" Meme

The next meme I was tagged for was the "5 things" meme. I was tagged by Poet and Jo. Now you can see how very organised things are (or are not) in my life.

Five things in my fridge:

Picture 274

1. Weight Watchers cottage cheese with chives - honestly, do you think I'm actually going to finish this pot? I don't like the stuff that much and try my best to use it in a combination I can't taste the stuff.
2. Nail polish - I've always kept this in the door of the refrigerator, apparently it lasts longer...that's the theory anyway.
3. Eggs - I have to cut down on these, I've been eating far too many of them lately.
4. Mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, mandarins, apples (thanks sis)
5. A leg of lamb to roast for when the boys arrive home from their Dad's tonight. I like to use my BBQ to roast on so I don't have to think about the mess it's doing to my oven. It's so much easier to roast it on the BBQ. It's been pouring with rain the last couple of days, so I don't know if that's going to be possible tonight.

Five things in my wardrobe/closet:

Picture 276

1. Old clothes packed in a couple of bags jammed in the top of my wardrobe...I should either sell these on TradeMe or throw them in the goodwill bin.
2. Shoes, some in boxes; some all over the floor.
3. The kiwi sex toy in it's little 'toolbox' on the top shelf, never used.
4. My softball mitt and batting glove - dormant, because I no longer play.
5. Ironed (pfft) shirts that belong to both boys, because neither have them can get to their own wardrobes easily, so they end up hanging in mine.

Five things in my handbag (purse):

Picture 278

1. Keys for car, house, flat downstairs and a couple I have no idea what they're for.
2. My 2006 diary...don't go anywhere without it (that kinda makes me sound organised by I'm sure you can judge by the top two pictures, I'm certainly not)
3. My address book....telephone numbers, addresses and email addys of just about anyone I've come in contact with.
4. Christian Dior lipstick - no. 001 "Violet Tattoo"
5. My wallet, generally bulging with coins...never bulging with notes.

I shant be tagging anyone, but certainly feel free to take up the "5 things" baton if you wish.

I've barely been around much lately, I'm struggling to find time to read you all at the moment, let alone write myself. I did start to wonder if my blogrolling *'s weren't pinging properly, but then realised that maybe people just aren't writing as much as they used to...dunno.

It's a national holiday here today in New Zealand....celebrating the Queen's birthday. I love having long weekends. Funny thing that we don't have it the same weekend as the English, afterall she's more their Queen than ours, and they would know wouldn't they? lol

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :)
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