Monday, June 19, 2006

Snot Nosed and Absent

I haven't been around much lately...I don't mean I haven't been at home (although I have been out and about as well), I just haven't been in here much and around my blogroll this weekend. Very little.

And although I've been sorta busy, I've also not been very well. Nothing major, just a flu'y kinda common cold thing. Enough to make me feel sorry for myself and enough to make me a coughy, snotty human being that's no fun to be in close quarters with. Also enough to have me leaving work before my shift was over this morning, coming home, getting straight into the shower and then into bed...felt like bliss.

Sunday morning I got a phone call from a dear friend of mine in Louisiana. Kenny was ringing on his way home in the truck with two of his daughters. He put me on speaker phone and I had a quick chat with the girls. I told them that Cameron would be attending his first Prom in a couple of weeks (didn't know that did you? Yes indeedy folks, MY BOY IS GOING TO THE PROM!!)...Kirsty (13) yells out from the background "I'll go with him!" lol.

During the course of the conversation Kenny tells me how much into World of Warcraft he is...I respond by saying that Cameron also plays a fair bit. Thus Kenny tells me where Cameron can find him and on what server etc (blah blah blah is about what I heard, yall know I aint got no clue about this game right?).

"On the Horde Side" is where Cam can find Kenny if he's of a mind. And once my boys heard that this evening, they raced off to the kitchen and came back yelling "TO THE HORDE!" looking like this:

and this:

Apparently it's the done thing. But then what would I know?

I also received this via email today...had a good laugh and thought to share it with you in case you had a troublesome neighbour you wanted to have the last word with.


I hope to get around and catch up on what's been happening in your worlds...just can't promise it will be in the next couple of days. I apologise for not responding to the rest of the comments on the post below, I'm really just not up to it. Once the snot stops dripping from my nose, my eyes stop watering and I'm comfortable being upright...

I'll be back.
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