Friday, June 16, 2006

What Happened to the Handbag?

There was a rugby game last weekend...between the All Blacks (New Zealand) and Ireland...for quite some time, Ireland were in the lead, and it took a while (well into the second half) before New Zealand finally got in the lead and stayed there. In the last few minutes of that game the young lady pictured below, streaked across the field in her bikini, holding a handbag.


More background...a few weeks previously, a rugby final was played between Wellington and Canterbury....Canterbury won. Later that evening one of the Wellington players (also an All Black), grabbed a womens handbag at a bar where they were drinking and hit a fellow team member with it to 'settle him down'...he hit him hard enough to smash the cellphone that was in the bag. The owner of said handbag put it up for auction the following day on TradeMe (NZ's version of e-bay). The bag sold for over $21,000!

Back to the streaking woman. Apparently streaking across a rugby game was on her "to-do" list before she died (like that's on ALL our to-do lists right?). Course, she was grabbed by security and carted off to deal with the consequences. Apparently, only due to legal costs involved in those consequences (approx $3600) the bikini went up for auction on TradeMe...I don't know what the final bid was, but it was at least $1200.

This young woman's ex-something (still in question exactly what he was to her), has hired a lawyer and wants the proceeds of that auction because his credit card bought the bikini originally. He also apparently lavished 'gifts' on her up to the amount of $82,000 in the brief time that they were together. This 'together' may have only been in HIS head, because SHE says that he was only trying to convince her to have a relationshp with him by buying her things. He states that he spent approx $7,000 on her each week during that time. Good God.

So this poor sucker was spending shitloads of money on her, and she apparently still refused to be his 'girlfriend', yet she accepted the gifts anyway. Including approximately $30,000 worth of cosmetic surgery ($13,500 for breast implants alone). My best mate had a breast reduction, and her tits are still bigger, not to mention better looking!

Here's a brief news items regarding the 'fun' plus another photo of her...being carried off the field by a security guard who doesn't look too unhappy that he's got his arms around her. She's the single parent of an 18-month old child (not knocking single parents here), she's an ex-stripper (not knocking them either) and her attitude leaves a hell of a lot to be desired (knock knock). Or am I being too judgemental?

Surely if you're giving someone a present you can't expect to get it back, that's just my way of thinking. It's a gift...doesn't that mean that it's given freely for the recipient to enjoy? Not for you to snatch back when you feel pissed off at them.

And if you're not the least bit interested in having a relationship of any kind with someone, surely you would never accept such expensive gifts. Unless you were selfish and wanted the gifts regardless of thought to what was expected of you from the giving party.

Who do you think has less brain cells in this pathetic scenario? The woman that continued to accept these gifts freely and apparently give nothing in return? Or the man that continued to lavish them upon her thinking his money was well spent and would work to his benefit?

As far as I'm concerned, if you're not prepared to play the game, get off the friggin' field.
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