Monday, July 17, 2006

Getting Involved

I have finally signed up for the "2996" project. I've been humming and haaahing about this since I saw it on Angie's site last month. Wondering if I should go ahead and join, or perhaps just hang around and look at what was happening. I'm afraid I've always been a procastinator extraordinare.

Anyway, I did it. And as you can see on my sidebar at the right there, I have been given the name of the person I will be writing about and posting on here, on September 11 this year....the 5th anniversary of such a terrible and mind-numbing tragedy.

I've been googling Michael (Mikey) Paul Ragusa....found quite a bit about him on the web. He was a firefighter with Engine 250 and 279. The more I read about him, the more I became nervous about the task I'd taken on. What if I don't do the memory of this brave young man justice? After thinking about that for a while, I realised it didn't matter how I felt about it in some respects, but more importantly, that he is given the opportunity to have his time in this world celebrated for another day.

The information I've found so far is more to do with how he lost his life, but I'm also finding snippets of how he lived it. As I continue to delve around on the net, the closer and more involved I feel with him and his family. I would dearly like to get in touch with someone in the Ragusa family to find additional details of the person he was and still is in their hearts. To do so could possibly mean opening up old wounds and I would certainly not want to cause them further grief.

When I signed up a couple of days ago...I was told I am the 939th blogger to enrol. Obviously they still need more to achieve the goal of "2996 Voices" would be great to have that many bloggers participate and give each of those that lost their lives that day, a fitting memorial this coming September.

Those readers without blogs can also take part...mind you, it's extremely simple to start one up on blogger anyway, but if you prefer not to do that, you can post your memorial on the actual site that D Challener Roe created for this specific project. If you're a non-blogger, just let him know that when you sign up.

It's easy peasy to do....go to this on the "Sign Up!" link in the right hand column and fill in the 'form'. This 'form' consists of only 4 lines...that's how simple it is. As soon as you fill in the blanks, click the "Sign Up!" button and you will be given the name of a person and some information you may need that is helpful. You'll also receive an email with the same information.

I know I've recently brought this to your attention before. It just seems to me, that with an action so very simple, you will be commemorating someone who was/is that extra special person to so many others. Regardless of whether you have met that special person or any of their family and friends...this can only give off a feeling of selflessness and warmth...a kindness from strangers on a very deep level.

In my opinion, this helps prove the rest of us really do care what happens with this big melting pot called matter how far away we are from each other.

All I ask is that you give it the consideration, I believe, it deserves.
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