Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'll Do It My Way

No period today...so yeah, I'm a bitch...who knew?? *cough*

Anyway, as I was eating a handful of jellybeans (yay!) this afternoon, I was watching Dr Phil...(don't give me any shit about that, occasionally I catch a programme or two of his ok?)...and he was talking to some personal trainer come gym guru. This gym guru man said that you have to break a sweat to achieve any fat burning in your bod....he emphasised the "HAVE".

For the past 10 days, besides two half-hearted attempts, I've done no exercise whatsoever. I've been unwell and that completely got me out of the habit of pushing my body. So I figured it was time I did something that broke a sweat again. The more I thought about it, the less I felt like getting on my airwalker or falling off the swiss ball.

So I went and did the next best thing for my body. And trust me, I broke a sweat good and proper...score! The fat burning gremlins yelled "BE GONE!"

5 orgasms later, I stumbled back out of bed...face flushed, a sheen of moisture glistening on my skin...pelvic floor, butt and quad muscles exercised. Unfortunately I didn't float away with all the loss of fat, but hey, I was happily satisfied and physically drained. Close enough.

It was time to celebrate....a stiff drink came to mind.

"Yo ho ho, and a bottle of Rum!"

Emphasis on the "ho".

Conclusion: Bitchy ho's ROCK!...or at least their exercise regime does.
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