Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Mummy Moment

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Cameron attended his college Prom/Ball last Friday night. He had a fantastic time dancing and mingling with his peers. It was held at the Duxton Hotel in the centre of Wellington's CBD and his father and I did a tag team kinda thing as far as getting him to wherever he wanted/needed to be that night.

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He didn't want to attend the after-party which had been organised for a venue in town, he wanted to go to the one that was close to home. He said he would prefer not be in town on a Friday night if he was going to be drinking....he also said that 'just in case' he actually got drunk he wanted to come home to his own bed (as opposed to sleeping in his bed at Dad's house where he was staying that weekend).

Picture 301aPicture 302a
(and before you saying anything, yes I know Ryan needs a haircut, I'm working on it lol)

We both readily understood and organised which one of us was going to be where and when. Dad took him into town around 8pm...and went back in at 12.15am to collect him, bringing him back here. He changed into his jeans and after filling me in on his evening, I dropped him off at the after-party at 1.15am. When the phone rang at 4.30am my "hello?" was greeted with a "Where were you?"....obviously I was sleeping at that hour of the morning...but apparently he had already rung 3 times before I woke up.

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After I first dropped him off at the party, I headed for Woolworths supermarket (open 24 hours)...I realised that should he feel a bit jaded come morning, he may want a cooked breakfast to help soak up some of what he'd downed the night before. I knew I didn't have what was required in the fridge and took measures to rectify that.

Picture 290a
(He's going to kill me for posting this one lol)

Incidentally, this is not always the best time to go shopping. Although there isn't anyone crowding the aisles, it is also the time the pubs/bars are almost closed and smelly drunk people have stopped off to buy more beer/wine before going on to continue the cheer at their mate's homes. The guy next to me in the checkout line could've intoxicated me purely by breathing in his stench and there was an unsavoury incident in the carpark between a few inebriated patrons about who was going to drive, sheesh.

I digress...

Obviously with you all in mind, I took some photos of Cameron before he left the house...he dutifully posed...and as you can see by this last shot, he very quickly got to the point of "That's enough Mum!"

Picture 304a

All I can say is, I'm SO glad I've got boys. Last month it took about an hour for a lovely little asian lady fussing over my oldest son to get him fitted into a suit and happy with what he wanted to wear. I have no doubt that it certainly would've taken a lot longer to find something for a daughter.

I'll be going through this again next year...with both of them...hopefully my youngest will have his haircut by then!
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