Sunday, July 09, 2006

What a Gas....Not

Yesterday for the first time in what seemed like ages...the sun came out. This means...the rain stopped. The people of Wellington rejoiced!....HOORAH!

During the past week with the rain and wind storms, my beloved Betty got blown over into the bushes...that's my 4 burner BBQ by the way...and thanks to my mate Fred, that's what we call her. Anyway, my male tenant downstairs very kindly put Betty back on her feet. It was a good day to give her a complete cleaning overhaul and carry her down to the garage for safekeeping over the winter.

Now I say it's a garage...and in most respects it is one...yet it has no doors, so I guess it would be better called a carport. This 'carport' holds up the rest of my house and the flat below. Any carport I've ever seen has never looked sturdy enough to hold up two levels, so for all intensive purposes, it's a double garage...without doors.

That afternoon I pulled Betty apart as much as I could and cleaned her down good and proper....I yelled out for Cameron who dutifuly helped me cart her down the steps to the garage. We positioned her safely at the back and I said to my son "I hope noone comes up the driveway at night and nicks off with my gas bottle." In the past I've learnt not to leave anything of value in the garage, like the brand new double stroller when the boys were so much younger (obviously *snort*) disappeared not long after it was put there.

Bear with me all know I have to run round the houses first before I get to the main attraction. know what? Someone did enter my garage last night....and no, they didn't take off with my 9kg gas cylinder. In fact it was most certainly not even worth a look to them because....

...they stole my tenant's car instead!


My tenant's baby....he adores her and has spent a lot of money and time to making that car 'just right' for him and his lady. It was a souped up 1991 Nissan Pulsar, silver, in absolutely mint condition, turbo included. I don't know what else was under the hood, but the house would tremble whenever he started her up (how I love that rumble, there's something kinda sexual about it I reckon).

Dwayne (my tenant) works as a trainer at a gym in town, and he often leaves home around 5.30 in the morning. This morning I took Cam to work at 5.40 and noticing the other half of the garage empty, asked him if he'd heard Dwayne leave..."No, but I did hear someone revving their car up down the street...that was a lot earlier, 'round 4ish."

Dwayne and his lady had gone out last night and only got home at 3am. They were fast asleep in the bedroom directly above their car...there's only a floor/ceiling between the two 'rooms'. Those wankers must've known how to disarm the alarm, rolled it down the driveway, then further down the road and hot-wired her...I feel fairly confident saying that's likely what Cameron heard when he'd woken earlier.

It's a gorgeous car, but unfortunately a target for bastards like that. It was probably stripped and distributed before lunchtime, I don't know, I'm only going by what I see in the movies lol. I realise it doesn't take long to steal a car if you know what you're doing, and going by the times, there was only a smallish window of opportunity for them. I dare say they've been watching her for a while, waiting for the right moment. The insurance excess is 30% of what the car is worth....I've never heard of an excess being that high before. $13,000 she was insured for.

He's devastated and pissed as hell. I'm feeling guilty for not having any garage doors. Here's me selfishly worrying about my meazley gas bottle...and now I wish they'd just taken the whole friggin' BBQ instead.

Pardon the rant, I'm frustrated and fucked off...but I expect not nearly as much as he is.
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