Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fruit Anyone?

Quick post tonight. And yes I know I'm lacking depth at the moment, but hey, a girl's gotta take the opportunity to be light when she can...especially when she weighs as much as yours truly does. 'Nuff said.

Wanted to bring something to your attention. It's quite possible you've already seen this...I've been messing around in this site for several months off and on now but only just ordered something from it a couple of weeks ago. (Yeah, I'm slow, I know it, you know it, we all have to live with it.)

If you want the best quality products at highly discounted prices, this is the place to go. Cosmetics, fragrances, skincare etc...and don't be thinking it's ONLY for the women either. There are a HEAP of mens products available. You don't have to fill anything in unless you buy, and that's great as far as I'm concerned....I can't be bothered with websites that I have to join before I can see anything. They annoy the crap outta me.

Anyway...Lancome, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Clinque, Armani, Aramis, Bvlgari, Yves St Laurent, Kouros...whatever you's ALL there. And another of the other great things about it...there's no shipping costs. Absolutely none.


Click Here to Enter

I ordered my signature perfurme...Red by Georgio Beverly Hills, 90ml. Paid NZ$ would have cost me over $130 if I'd bought it in the store here. Easy as pie, I placed the order...even got a free eyeliner pencil (Belleza) for my trouble. My parcel arrived 5 days later...5 days! (do I need to remind you where I live??). It was gift wrapped in silver foil paper. What a great way to shop for birthdays, christmas, anniversaries or just for the hell of it cos you can, Yay!

I'm obviously more than impressed if I'm talking about in on here right? You know I don't bother bringing up subjects unless they're impressive to me right? Ok, for the moment, lets forget about the poo stuff and the toilet maintenance (although that was impressive, no?) but I mean, for site pimping. I only pimp what I thoroughly enjoy reading, or what I totally believe in.

So yeah, I'm sold, and you may be too, so check it out. But be careful, I can see it being dangerous for some lol. Oh and remember that you need to change the currency to your country's...that's most important or you'll be completely taken aback at the cost that comes off your credit card lol (I shouldn't laugh really, I myself have been the victim of a ghastly exchange rate befalling my beloved MasterCard.)

Do you have a website that you think deserves a plug? One that you're SO impressed with you'd risk alienating your readers for by advertising it as blatantly as I have?

Let's have it...I'm all
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